FACT CHECK: Sherrod Brown Has Always Honored The Service Of Every Veteran, Including Josh Mandel


FACT CHECK: Sherrod Brown Has Always Honored The Service Of Every Veteran, Including Josh Mandel

JOSH CLAIMS: Sherrod attacked my military service.

THE TRUTH:  Sherrod has always respected Josh’s service to our country, just as he respects the service of every man and woman in uniform.

1. Sherrod has never attacked Josh’s military service and has made it clear throughout his campaign that he respects Mandel’s service to our country. [PolitiFact, 9/17/12]

2. PolitiFact Ohio gave Josh a “Mostly False” for suggesting that Sherrod attacked Josh’s military service. [PolitiFact, 9/17/12].

PolitiFact Ruled Mandel’s Claim That Sen. Brown Attacked His Military Service As “Mostly False.”  In September 2012, PolitiFact wrote “The claim we are examining today is that Brown’s campaign attacked the service of  Mandel, a Republican who is currently Ohio’s treasurer — and a Marine Corps reservist who served two tours in Iraq. Mandel’s campaign sent out a fund-raising email saying as much on Aug. 31 and referred to Brown using ‘scummy smear tactics’ to attack Mandel’s military service. ‘It is outrageous for Sherrod Brown’s campaign to say that enlisted military service with infantry battalions in Iraq doesn’t prepare you for leadership… that risking your life in defense of your country somehow disqualifies you from serving your country back home,’ the email said. The subject line on the email was ‘Mandel Marine service under attack.’” PolitiFact concluded, “On the Truth-O-Meter, the Mandel claim rates Mostly False.” [PolitiFact, 9/17/12]

Column: “What Nags Me About Mandel Is How Hard He Is Pushing His Service.”  In September 2012, Mark Naymik of The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote “What nags me about Mandel is how hard he is pushing his service through paid advertising and literature as the central qualification for the public office.”   [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/8/12]

Column: Mandel Used Criticism From Retired Maj. Gen. Dennis Laich “As An Excuse To Wave The Bloody Shirt.”  In September 2012, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that following Mandel’s charge that Sen. Brown was “Un-American” for voting for the auto rescue, “Brown responded by lining up retired Army Brigadier General Sam Kindred and Retired Major General Dennis Laich to condemn Mandel for using such a loaded term. At that event, a reporter asked the generals if they thought Mandel’s heavy emphasis on military experience will work in the election. ‘It’s not a matter of it working or not,’ said Laich. ‘The fact of the matter is that Josh Mandel has served in the military. We applaud that. General Kindred and I would both hope that thousands of other young Ohioans would choose to serve in the military.’”  The Plain Dealer continued, “Mandel also released an online commercial featuring Marines who served with him. It accused Brown of making a ‘cowardly attack.’  I didn’t serve in the military. And I don’t see the cowardly attack in Laich’s words. But I won’t fault an a-political veteran for being sensitive. Mandel, however, was using Laich’s words as an excuse to wave the bloody shirt.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/8/12]

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