Sherrod Brown Campaign Launches “Women For Sherrod Brown”


Sherrod Brown Campaign Launches “Women For Sherrod Brown”

COLUMBUS, OHIO — Today, Sherrod Brown’s campaign launched Women for Sherrod Brown, a group of Ohioans supporting Sherrod Brown for his proven track record of standing up for Ohio’s women. Coordinated by Co-Chairs Rhine McLin and Mary Boyle, the group will play a critical advisory role on women’s’ issues and work to get Ohio women involved in the campaign.

Co-Chairs Rhine McLin, the former State Senate Minority Leader of Ohio and Dayton Mayor, and Mary Boyle, the first female Majority Whip in the Ohio House of Representatives  announced their endorsement of Senator Brown today in the below statement:

“Senator Sherrod Brown is working everyday in the Senate to beat back the constant attacks against women’s rights and women’s healthcare and there’s no doubt he’s on the side of Ohio’s women. Sen. Brown championed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to erase workplace discrimination,  supported legislation to assist victims of sexual assault, extended the amount of time our children could be covered on their parents healthcare plans, and stood with women in our fight against the Heartbeat Bill.

“Now more than ever women across the state need a champion for women’s rights in the U.S. Senate and they have one in Sherrod Brown. We must do all we can to ensure he can continue fighting for us in the years to come.”

“I am so grateful for the strong support my campaign is receiving from Rhine McLin, Mary Boyle and women across the state of Ohio,” said Senator Brown. “There’s a war on women’s rights in Ohio and across the country by some who don’t want women to be in charge of their own health care decisions. I remain committed to ensuring that the voices of Ohio’s women are always heard in the United States Senate.”

The launch of Women for Sherrod Brown will be accompanied by a new Facebook page and a section of the web site to keep women up-to-date on campaign-related issues and news. Ohio women can join Women for Sherrod Brown by clicking HERE.

Senator Brown is working every day in the Senate to protect a woman’s right to choose and beat back the constant attacks against women’s rights and women’s healthcare. He strongly opposes the “Heartbeat Bill” in Ohio which if passed could ban abortion as soon as 18 days and would be the most restrictive reproductive law in the country. Senator Brown has championed legislation to erase workplace discrimination, assist victims of sexual assault, and has earned a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL. The women of Ohio know that Senator Sherrod Brown is on their side and will continue to fight for them in the Senate.

More about Sherrod Brown’s record of standing up for Ohio’s women can be found HERE.

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