FACT CHECK: Sherrod Brown Had No Involvement In Solyndra Loans


FACT CHECK: Sherrod Brown Had No Involvement In Solyndra Loans

JOSH CLAIMS: Sherrod took a $2,500 contribution from a Solyndra board member and paved the way for it to receive tax dollars despite warnings that it was about to default.

THE TRUTH:  Sherrod had nothing to do with Solyndra’s operations or loans and did not contribute in any way whatsoever to its bankruptcy. 

1. Sherrod had no involvement with Solyndra’s operations or loans. [Plain Dealer, 9/21/12]

2. Solyndra board member Thomas Baruch is from Ohio and received a law degree from Capital University. He was never accused of any wrongdoing. [Columbus Dispatch, 9/27/11]

3. Baruch sits on 9 other corporate boards and 7 nonprofits. [Columbus Dispatch, 9/27/11]

4. Baruch has also donated to Republican candidates. [Opensecrets.org]

Solyndra Board Member Who Donated To Sen. Brown Campaign Also Sits On 9 Other Corporate Boards, Has Ohio Connections And Was Not Accused Of Any Wrongdoing.  In September 2011, The Columbus Dispatch wrote “the Department of Energy’s loan program has come under scrutiny after Solyndra, a solar energy company that received a $535 million loan guarantee in September 2009, declared bankruptcy earlier this month. Mandel, a Republican challenging Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, is among those making political hay out of the situation: Earlier this week, he criticized Brown for accepting a $2,500 campaign contribution from a board member for the company.  The board member, Thomas Baruch, sits on the boards of nine companies, as well as seven nonprofits. He also received his law degree from Capital University in Columbus and has worked at Battelle. He’s not been accused of any wrongdoing, though Mandel said he has a “fiduciary” obligation because of his position on the board.”  [Columbus Dispatch, 9/27/11]

Plain Dealer: Brown Had Nothing To Do With Solyndra’s Operations Or Loans. In September 2011, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported, “And he took the campaign contribution from the board member even after OMB warned of possible default, says a Mandel aide, suggesting that somehow Brown could have known about activities within Obama’s budget office.” The Plain Dealer also stated, “As far as is known, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio had nothing to do with Solyndra’s operations or loans… This particular loan program started under the Bush administration, although President Obama used the stimulus to expand it.” [Plain Dealer, ellipses added, 9/21/12]

Thomas Baruch Has Given $5,500 To Republican Candidates Since September 30, 2011.  According to opensecrets.org, Thomas Baruch has given $5,500 to Republican candidates for political office, Mitt Romney, Kevin McCarthy, and Ken Calvert since September 30, 2011.  [Opensecrets.org]

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