Sherrod Brown: Negativity Hurt Voter Enthusiasm


Sherrod Brown: Negativity Hurt Voter Enthusiasm

Politico – Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown said on Super Tuesday that the negativity of the Republican primary and the agenda of Republican Gov. John Kasich have seriously hurt voter enthusiasm.

“There’s been a singular lack of enthusiasm in Ohio during this primary season for the Republican candidates partly because they’re all against the auto bailout, partly because there’s so much dissatisfaction [and] unhappiness with our Republican governor and legislature that ran on jobs 15 months ago and spent their whole time going after worker rights and voter rights and women’s rights,” the Democratic senator said in an appearance on MSNBC.

Brown said two kinds of ads have been dominating Ohio airwaves recently.

“You saw Mitt Romney ads, mostly negative and a few positive, and you saw some of the $4 million, literally, that outside groups are spending against me and my Senate race,” he said. “And I think voters enthusiasm’s dampened because they’re sick of all this corporate money, they’re sick of all this negative stuff.”

The senator added, “Early voting’s down in Ohio this year in this primary, and voting generally is down.”

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