Sherrod Completes Day 5 Of His “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” After Stops In Akron, Canton, Warren


Sherrod Completes Day 5 Of His “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” After Stops In Akron, Canton, Warren

Seven Day Caravan Tour Of Made-in-Ohio Chevy Cruzes and Jeeps Made Stops In Canton And Warren

Senator Sherrod Brown today continued Day 5 of his “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” with stops in Akron, Canton and Warren. In Akron, Sherrod visited a field office to thank volunteers for their activism and encourage them tokeep up the hard work for the next week.

“I’m so proud to stand with all of you here today who are taking time out of your busy lives to help make a difference in this election and I thank you for your activism,” said Sherrod Brown. “We’re up against more than $30 million in secretly funded ads against us, and we can’t win this election unless you get your friends, family, and neighbors to join you in knocking on doors, making phone calls, and getting out the vote during this final week.”

After Akron, Sherrod and the caravan continued to a noon stop at a United Steelworkers Rally in Canton. Leo Gerard, President of the United Steelworkers was at the rally to praise Sherrod’s work in standing up to Chinese currency manipulation that has cost Ohio steel jobs. Gerard and Dave McCall, USW District 1 Director, also applauded Sherrod’s work to protect auto jobs up and down the supply chain, including many steel jobs.

Sherrod finished the day with a rally in Warren at UAW Local 1112. Sherrod was joined by National United Auto Workers President Bob King and UAW Region 2B President Ken Lortz. He was introduced by Pamela Brown, a UAW worker at GM’s Lordstown plant where she helps build the Chevy Cruze.

“I may not have a job today had it not been for Sherrod, and I’m proud to support him for reelection,” said Pamela Brown. “Sherrod doesn’t turn his back on Ohio workers. And because of his support, we came out stronger than ever. He had our backs when times were tough, and now it’s our turn to have his.”

The “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” will take Sherrod to every corner of Ohio covering 2,100 miles and 25 stops to talk about his work to fight for middle class jobs and his plans to continue growing the economy. The tour will travel in a caravan of made-in-Ohio Chevy Cruzes and Jeeps to highlight the importance of the auto rescue for Ohio’s economy and manufacturing comeback.

The tour continues tomorrow in Findlay and Waldo.

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