Sherrod Completes Day Six Of “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” After Stops In Findlay and Waldo


Sherrod Completes Day Six Of “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” After Stops In Findlay and Waldo

Seven Day Caravan Tour Of Made-in-Ohio Chevy Cruzes and Jeeps Concludes Tomorrow

Senator Sherrod Brown spent the next to last day of his “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” in Findlay with local steel workers and supporters and at a family farm in Waldo.

“In Ohio, we know how to make things, mine things, and grow things. American workers are the best in the world, and nowhere is that more true than in Ohio. But they deserve to compete on a level playing field,” Brown said. “That’s why I brought Democrats and Republicans together to pass the largest bipartisan jobs last year – legislation that would punish China when it cheats trade laws by manipulating its currency. And it’s why I fought to pass a 2012 Farm Bill through the Senate that invests in agriculture, promotes job creation, and reduces costs for taxpayers.”

Brown attended a rally in Findlay at USW Local 207L. In 2009, Brown went to bat for workers at Cooper Tire & Rubber Company after a flood of Chinese tire imports threatened to cost Ohio jobs. He testified on behalf of workers at the International Trade Commission (ITC), which led the way to an affirmative ruling for workers and the enforcement of trade safeguards that protect American manufacturers from excessive imports.  Following this action, the company announced plans to add capacity to its Findlay tire plant and hire up to 100 workers.

“Sherrod refused to turn his back on Ohio workers,” said Cooper Tire worker Rob Greer. “Sherrod has always had our backs – from supporting the auto industry to standing up to countries like China, trying to take our jobs. Now it’s our turn to have his back.”

Later this afternoon, Sherrod and the “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” caravan stopped in Waldo to meet with farmers and local supporters at Wetzel Farms who support his campaign. Sherrod was introduced by Anthony Bush, Vice President of theOhio Corn and Wheat Growers Association.

As the first Ohioan to serve on the Senate Agriculture Committee in more than 40 years, Sherrod helped pass the Farm Bill through the Senate in 2012. The Senate-passed bill included his bipartisan provision that would save taxpayers more than $20 billion by replacing direct subsidies with support for family farmers that is more responsive to their needs – and totaxpayers’.

‘Sherrod is a champion for Ohio agriculture,’ Bush said. ‘Ohio farmers could not have asked for a better advocate and fighter than Sherrod.’

The “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” will take Sherrod to every corner of Ohio covering 2,100 miles and 25 stops to talk about his work to fight for middle class jobs and his plans to continue growing the economy. The tour will travel in a caravan of made-in-Ohio Chevy Cruzes and Jeeps to highlight the importance of the auto rescue for Ohio’s economy and manufacturing comeback.

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