FACT CHECK: Sherrod Brown Did Pay His Campaign’s Unemployment Taxes, Josh Is The One With A Tax Problem


FACT CHECK: Sherrod Brown Did Pay His Campaign’s Unemployment Taxes, Josh Is The One With A Tax Problem

JOSH CLAIMS: Sherrod Brown left unemployment taxes for campaign staff unpaid for over a decade.

THE TRUTH: Brown immediately paid the taxes as soon as he was notified of the debt.

1. According to public records, Brown paid his tax bill in 1994 as soon as he was made aware of the oversight. [Plain Dealer, 10/18/06]

2. Paperwork from the Bureau of Employment Services, indicated that the debt was paid in April 1994— not 2005, as DeWine alleged. [Dayton Daily News, 10/20/06]

3. After a state government official clarified that the 2005 document indicating that Brown owed back-taxes was actually a duplicate of the document issued in 1994 and that the bill was paid, a number of Ohio TV stations pulled the ad because it was based on false information. [Columbus Dispatch, 10/20/06]

4. Josh Mandel is the one who knowingly paid zero taxes on his campaign staff in 2010 and potentially owes the state of Ohio tens of thousands of dollars. [Salon, 9/24/12]

State Records Show Brown Paid Bill in 1994. State records show that Brown paid his tax bill as soon as he was made aware of it, in early 1994, not in 2005 as the DeWine’s ad stated. [Bureau of Employment Services, Notice of Payment, 4/20/94; Plain Dealer, 10/18/06]

Documentation Provided Showed Brown Paid The Taxes He Owed.  In October 2006, The Dayton Daily News reported “On Wednesday, attorneys for Brown, D-Avon, wrote to Ohio stations to say the ad was ‘demonstrably false.’ The letter included paperwork indicating the debt was paid and the lien was released on April 20, 1994, a few months after Brown had been notified of it.” [Dayton Daily News, 10/20/06]

2006:  Republican Ad Alleging That Sen. Brown Had Not Paid Unemployment Taxes Was Pulled After A State Official Confirmed The Debt Had Been Paid 12 Years Earlier.  In October 2006, The Columbus Dispatch wrote “A number of Ohio TV stations, including major central Ohio stations, indicated yesterday that they no longer would air a commercial produced by the Republican National Committee and designed to boost DeWine. The action was taken after Democratic candidate Sherrod Brown complained that the ad was based on false information.”  The Dispatch continued, “The commercial, which says that Brown’s 1992 congressional campaign did not pay $1,700 in unemployment taxes for years, apparently was based on a document issued in 2005 by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services that said the campaign had paid the debt. But an official at the state agency confirmed Wednesday that although the document is authentic, it is a duplicate of the original issued in 1994.”  [Columbus Dispatch, 10/20/06]

Headline: “Did GOP Senate Hopeful Bilk Treasury?” [Salon, 9/24/12]

Mandel’s Classification of Workers In 2010 Allowed Him To Forgo State and Federal Taxes.  In September 2012, Salon reported “As Mandel ran for state treasurer in 2010, he classified at least nine of his senior staffers as independent contractors instead of full-time employees, according to campaign finance disclosures reviewed by Salon, which allowed him to forgo paying some taxes to the state and the IRS.” [Salon, 9/24/12]

Mandel’s Campaign “Did Not Pay Payroll Taxes.”  In September 2012, Salon reported “Mandel’s campaign paid out at least $260,000 in compensation during his 2010 campaign for which he did not pay payroll taxes.” [Salon, 9/24/12]