Steel-related bill to benefit Ohio


Steel-related bill to benefit Ohio

Dayton Business Journal — A proposed new law would require steel purchased by the U.S. military to be completely made in America.

On Thursday, six senators including U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, introduced legislation that would restore a decades old rule requiring that steel purchased by the U.S. military be both melted and finished in the U.S.

Brown said the rule was overturned by the Department of Defense in 2009, meaning that armor plate melted in foreign countries could be imported, subjected to simple finishing processes in the U.S. and then be deemed to have been produced domestically.

“We know how to make steel armor plate here in America, and there’s no reason why countries like China and Russia should be making our military’s vehicles and equipment,” Brown said. “A loophole in Defense Department regulations allows foreign companies to melt steel, then ship it to the United States for simple finishing processes, which jeopardizes the American steel industry.”

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