Students Stand With Senator Brown


Students Stand With Senator Brown

Progress Ohio – Today the College Democrats of Ohio are applauding Senator Sherrod Brown for his hard work to stop the student interest rate hike that will take place on July 1 if Republicans don’t join Democrats in passing Senator Brown’s bill.

For weeks, Sen. Brown has demonstrated his commitment to Ohio’s students by traveling across Ohio, visiting college campuses including The Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati and Wright State University to discuss his bill, which would freeze interest rates for federal Stafford Loans that 382,000 Ohioans rely on to attend college at the current 3.4 percent level.

If Republicans don’t join Democrats to pass Sen. Brown’s bill, student loan repayments will increase by an average of $1,000 per loan. In Ohio alone, the new rate increase will affect 382,000 students. Sherrod Brown knows that’s not acceptable – that’s why he’s fighting to make college more affordable.

“Day after day Senator Brown continues to prove that he’s on the side of students and he’s not afraid to fight for us in Washington,” said Ohio University junior Shannon Welch. “While Senator Brown is leading the charge to freeze student loan interest rates for more than 380,000 students, his opponent Josh Mandel refuses to even comment on Sherrod’s bill to do just that.”

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