Warren County Democrats host Brown at dinner


Warren County Democrats host Brown at dinner

The Middletown Journal — With the help of U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, Warren County Democrats not only vowed to raise their party’s profile in a Republican-dominated county, but they believe they have already made significant inroads in doing so.

At the Democrats’ spring dinner at The Manor House on Friday night, Brown and others emphasized their party’s success in repealing Senate Bill 5, which would have diminished the power of collective bargaining units. Bethe Goldenfield, the Warren County party chair, said, “The Warren County Democrats collected more Senate Bill 5 repeal signatures per capita than any other county party in Ohio. That put us on the map.”

“It wasn’t just public employees, it wasn’t just union members, it was people of faith, it was civil rights activists, it was people in social service agencies” that led to the success of State Issue 2, said Brown. “All those teachers and their allies taught Ohio a lesson,” he added.

The dinner drew 300 people, which Goldenfield said was the largest gathering of Democrats in Warren County. She said the distinguishing characteristic of the party is that “we care about the world and others around us. That is the foundation of what it means to be a Democrat.”

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