Watershed facility loss can’t be replaced


Watershed facility loss can’t be replaced

Coshocton Tribune – The ripple effect of the closure of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service North Appalachian Experimental Watershed goes beyond the loss of 13 jobs.

While those jobs are lost in a county already facing a 9.7 percent unemployment, what is being lost is valuable research, said people who have worked with the watershed throughout the years.

Bill Haddad, a consultant who has lobbied for no-till farming practices since he learned about them in 1969, said Coshocton was used to launch the no-till practice across the country.

“I’m not sure why on God’s green Earth they chose that facility to close when there are other things that could have been closed that wouldn’t be missed,” Haddad said.

The loss of potential solutions for present and future problems worries him.

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