Clermont Sun: Combating cell phone theft, and protecting Ohioans


Clermont Sun: Combating cell phone theft, and protecting Ohioans

By Sen. Sherrod Brown:

And in addition to cost, stolen cell phones, unlike stolen iPods or mp3 players, contain an inherently dangerous threat. Cell phones – especially smart phones, like Blackberries, Droids, and iPhones – carry a lot of personal information. When thieves pocket them, they’re also stealing access to e-mail inboxes – and potentially credit card and bank account information.

That’s why I’m working to stiffen penalties for the brazen thefts we’ve been seeing in communities throughout our state. The Mobile Device Theft Deterrence Act, which I am cosponsoring, would impose criminal penalties of up to five years in prison for intentionally evading the database by tampering with cell phones. With industry support, this consumer-protection bill can help Ohioans keep their cell phones safe.

By imposing tougher penalties, we can help deter these widespread thefts, and help law enforcement officials dedicate their time and resources to stopping other criminal activity.

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