12 issues on the ballot this fall


12 issues on the ballot this fall

There are only 12 days until Election Day! There’s a lot on the line for American families this fall. Here are 12 of the issues on the ballot—and 12 reasons you should make sure to make your voice heard.

1. Healthcare—Republicans are attempting to take healthcare away from millions of Americans. Meanwhile, Sherrod fights to make sure Ohioans with disabilities, those with pre-existing conditions, and those relying on programs like CHIP and Medicaid have the care they deserve.

2. The environment—We need leaders who acknowledge the reality of climate change, and work towards solutions to protect Ohio’s resources. Thankfully, Sherrod does just that.

3. Pensions—Right now, too many Ohioans are at risk of losing the pensions they earned after decades of hard work. Sherrod is fighting back.

4. Women’s rights—Women succeed when they can make their own choices in our healthcare system and in the workplace. Sherrod is proud to stand with women every day.

5. Workers’ rights—Sherrod fights against disastrous legislation like the GOP’s tax scam, which allowed banks, Wall Street, and CEOs to rake in millions and gave companies an incentive to move jobs overseas, while workers have seen little benefit.

6. Voting rights—We should be making it easier—not harder—to vote. Sherrod works for progress to ensure more Americans can make their voices heard.

7. Equality—Long before it was politically popular, Sherrod stood with the LGBTQ community in fighting for marriage equality. In the Senate, he fights discriminatory policies and pushes for progress towards full equality in this country.

8. EducationWith people like Betsy DeVos in this administration, it’s more important than ever that we have Sherrod in the Senate, working hard on behalf of all students.

9. Consumer protections—This administration has loosened regulations on Wall Street. But Sherrod is fighting back.

10. Combating the opioid crisis—The opioid crisis affects too many of our communities. Sherrod has passed—and continues to work on—legislation to help impacted Ohioans get the care they need.

11. Care for our veterans—We need to ensure those who have served have access to healthcare, education, and job opportunities. Sherrod works every day to make sure that’s the case.

12. Dignity and respect—No matter your background, gender, zip code, or story, all Ohioans deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Sherrod will keep fighting until that’s the reality in this country.

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