5 posts from September that will get you energized for the last month on the campaign.


5 posts from September that will get you energized for the last month on the campaign.

As we head into October, we’re taking a few minutes to look back on our top posts from the past month—and to get energized for the last month on the campaign.

Take a look, and then show your support for Sherrod as he keeps fighting hard for all Ohioans:

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There is Dignity in Work

“Labor Day weekend was a powerful reminder of the work that needs to be done for American workers. The critical work that needs to be done so that anyone—regardless of their zip code or economic status—has the opportunity to succeed.”

“Ohio Students Can Trust Sherrod To Stand With Us.”

“Sherrod has fought hard to put higher education within reach for anyone who wants to attend college—not just those who can afford it. He’s led efforts to expand access to federal student aid. He’s stood up to predatory lenders and so-called ‘for-profit’ schools. And he’s pushed to make college campuses safer by addressing sexual assault and gun violence.”

Last Night in Cleveland with Barack, Rich, and Betty

“Rich, Betty, and I are in public service because we’re committed to fighting like hell for the people who make our country work. We stand up to drug companies and for-profit charter schools and the gun lobby.”

Elizabeth Warren: We Can’t Afford to Lose Sherrod’s Voice in the Senate

“Sherrod is facing a lot of obstacles in this election. But if I had my guess, you support Sherrod for the same reasons I do: He’s a champion for working families, he doesn’t rely on special interests, and no matter what happens, he always puts Americans’ needs before politics.”

Why Registering to Vote Matters—in 5 quotes

“I have a daughter who’s 10 years old. I think about her and I fight for her and for all little girls her age, because I don’t want them to face the same disparities I did.”

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