Axios: Medicaid is the ACA’s workhorse


Axios: Medicaid is the ACA’s workhorse

Medicaid expansion is working.

We’ve seen that here in Ohio: Before the Affordable Care Act, one in three people in or near poverty were uninsured. After the law passed, that’s dropped to one in eight.

Recent reports show that states that expanded Medicaid cover more people, with more stability. But as this administration continues to do whatever they can to roll back the hard-earned progress we’ve made in helping Americans get the care they deserve, it’s as important as ever that we defend it.

That’s what Sherrod does every day in the Senate—and it’s just one (of many) reasons to stand with him this fall. If you agree, show your support:

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Axios: Medicaid is the ACA’s workhorse

Sam Baker – September 13, 2018

Key points:

  • The Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges have been the law’s headline feature over the past eight years.
  • But the law’s Medicaid expansion has covered just as many people, and its rolls are more likely to grow under the Trump administration.
  • However you slice it, states that expanded Medicaid cover more people, with more stability.
  • The uninsured rate rose last year in non-expansion states, even as it held steady nationally.
  • Expansion states also cover more people across the board, including people whose incomes would make them ineligible for Medicaid.
  • At the same time, the Trump administration has mostly muddied the waters for the ACA’s exchanges, rather than blown them up. Its biggest threat to the Medicaid expansion is its willingness to approve work requirements for the program.
  • Those new rules are just getting started, and the impacts can be significant: Arkansas has booted more than 4,000 people off the program in just one month.

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