Disability Advocates for Sherrod: Meet Teyah


Disability Advocates for Sherrod: Meet Teyah

Teyah is only 23, but is already using her voice to help young adults throughout Columbus deal with mental health issues.

Seeing a void when it came to discussion among young adults around mental health issues, Teyah has worked hard to fill it. Having dealt with depression herself, Teyah now goes to schools around the city, speaking about mental health and suicide. She also facilitates support groups through the National Institute on Mental Illness, and teaches a class called peer-to-peer, focused on research on mental health conditions.

Looking ahead, she’s hoping to set up a summer camp for kids ranging from 13 to 18, where participants can work on projects in music, art, or photography, while also having a safe space to talk about the issues they may be facing.

“I definitely feel like people need as much support around mental health as possible, and there needs to be an openness in discussing it,” she said. “Back when I was younger, we had a little bit of support but not a lot, and I would’ve liked to have that. I want to provide that for kids now, so no one feels like they’re alone or like it’s a taboo topic to be talking about. It’s a big issue and more people need to shine a light on it.”

Teyah is excited to be supporting Sherrod, and emphasizes that young adults are aware of his track record when it comes to fighting for those who may need a little extra support to get ahead.

“People with disabilities know that Sherrod is fighting with them,” she said.

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