Disability Advocates for Sherrod


Disability Advocates for Sherrod

Today, we’re launching Disability Advocates for Sherrod, a coalition of people with disabilities, family members and caregivers, and advocates who support Sherrod’s commitment to fight for Ohioans with disabilities.

In the Senate, Sherrod has worked to protect and expand access to healthcare for people with disabilities, to defend and advance disability rights nationwide, and to give Ohio workers with disabilities a voice in Washington.

Here are just a few Ohioans who recognize Sherrod’s work on issues affecting individuals with disabilities. Meet the co-chairs of Disability Advocates for Sherrod—Kim, Adam, Neil, and Teyah.

Kim Kelly

Photo credit: The Columbus Dispatch

Kim supports Sherrod because of his defense of the Affordable Care Act—which has helped millions of Americans with disabilities get the care they need—and because, as she puts it, Sherrod will be on board with just about anything to help people like her son move forward with their lives.

“Too often, people with disabilities are overlooked, written off, and defined by what they cannot do. Sherrod listens to the disability community and takes our needs seriously. He has fought to protect the Affordable Care Act and the Medicaid expansion, which help us care for our loved ones with disabilities, and I trust him to continue fighting for me, for my son, and for families like ours across Ohio.”

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Adam Helbling

Adam, a motivational speaker and author, is a strong proponent of legislation that helps Americans with disabilities.

“Just because we can’t see someone’s disability doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Senator Sherrod Brown is working to break down the stigma around mental illness and disability, championing the Americans with Disabilities Act and speaking out for workers with disabilities so that Ohioans of all abilities can live with the dignity and self-determination that we deserve.”

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Neil Castilow

Neil, a lifelong Ohioan, is the father of an adult son with autism. He’s faced challenges over the years in helping his son—who is on the lower-functionality end of the autism spectrum—receive the care he needs.

“We got the most welcome and willingness to hear our issues from Sherrod Brown’s office. He spent over 45 minutes with us. It was very apparent to myself and the others in our group that Sherrod not only understood the issue and the problems, but we first saw back then that he was willing to lead on the issue. I’ve found that Sherrod cares for the working class people. There’s a tremendous challenge on some people’s behalf to tear down the system. Mr. Brown respects what’s here. He knows that we need to reach out and provide basic care for the people who need our support.”

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Teyah McKenzie

Teyah is only 23, but is already using her voice to help young adults throughout Columbus deal with mental health issues. Teyah is excited to be supporting Sherrod, and emphasizes that young adults are aware of his track record when it comes to fighting for those who may need a little extra support to get ahead.

“People with disabilities know that Sherrod is fighting with them.”

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