Elizabeth Warren: We cannot afford to lose Sherrod’s voice in the Senate


Elizabeth Warren: We cannot afford to lose Sherrod’s voice in the Senate

Over the years, I’ve heard stories from too many Americans about losing their homes, their savings, or their livelihoods — because of financial malpractice on the part of Wall Street firms and big banks. Fixing those problems has been a top priority of my work in the Senate.

And I can tell you from experience — there is a reason that Sherrod Brown was once called “Wall Street’s nightmare on Capitol Hill.” When I need an ally to fight for transparency on Wall Street, or support safeguards for families and consumers, Sherrod is always someone I turn to. And as the top Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee, he’s a leader in the arena.

We cannot afford to lose Sherrod’s voice in the Senate. Unfortunately, President Trump and Vice President Pence are doing their best to see him defeated.

We live in a post-Citizens United political world. Special interest groups can collect and spend millions and millions of dollars to influence elections. And those groups are none too fond of Sherrod.

But Sherrod’s team doesn’t rely on secretive billionaires or corporate donations. One $26 average online contribution at a time, this movement has become one of the strongest in the country.

Sherrod is facing a lot of obstacles in this election. But if I had my guess, you support Sherrod for the same reasons I do: He’s a champion for working families, he doesn’t rely on special interests, and no matter what happens, he always puts Americans’ needs before politics.

I know the FEC deadline is this month, and I know Sherrod’s campaign has a big goal to hit. Let’s help him get the resources he needs to win. Whether you can match Sherrod’s average online contribution of $26, or just chip in $3 or $5 — every bit goes a long way.

Thank you for joining me in supporting Sherrod.

Elizabeth Warren

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