Five times Sherrod stood up for the environment


Five times Sherrod stood up for the environment

In the Senate, Sherrod fights for legislation to keep Ohioans’ air and water clean, while advancing renewable energy and bringing clean energy jobs to the state.

We’ve put together just a few examples of Sherrod’s advocacy on environmental issues—take a look:

1. Sherrod stands up for the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are a critical part of Ohio’s ecosystem and economy. Sherrod has repeatedly worked across the aisle to formally authorize the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. He’s also joined Senator Rob Portman in opposing the Trump administration’s efforts to drastically reduce the project’s funding.

Additionally, Sherrod has introduced legislation to address harmful algal blooms in the Great Lakes, and has fought for funding to prevent and address the issue. Alongside Senator Portman, he’s helped coordinate federal, state, and local responses to combat invasive species, while recognizing the importance of the Great Lakes’ diverse fish populations.

2. Sherrod invests in clean energy

Investing in clean energy isn’t just important for the environment—it helps Ohio’s economy, too. As part of Sherrod’s ongoing work to create more jobs across the state, he’s introduced legislation to offer incentives for investments in renewable energy. This goes a long way in protecting the environment, while creating jobs throughout Ohio.

3. Sherrod fights for clean drinking water

Sherrod has been a strong supporter of federal funding to help prevent lead poisoning, monitor lead exposure in children, and eliminate hazards. Working across the aisle with Senator Portman, Sherrod has championed efforts to protect Ohio’s drinking water from harmful contaminants. He proposed a public notification requirement for lead exposure, which President Obama later signed into law.

4. Sherrod fights for key environmental protections

Sherrod stands with the Environmental Protection Agency, no matter how many times the Trump administration attempts to cut its budget. In 2017, Sherrod co-signed a letter to Senate Appropriations Committee leadership about the value of the EPA, expressing “extreme concern” over how proposed cuts—to the tune of 31%—would impact the agency’s ability to protect public health.

Sherrod and Senator Portman have also co-sponsored legislation to provide the EPA with the authority and resources to test chemicals before they go to market, which protects children, families, and the environment from dangerous chemicals.

5. Sherrod encourages manufacturers to improve energy efficiency

In 2009, Sherrod introduced The IMPACT Act, creating a $30 billion fund to allow small and medium-sized manufacturers to improve energy efficiency, retool for the clean energy industry, and expand Ohio’s clean energy manufacturing operations. Legislation like this is powerful in protecting our environment, and in keeping our state’s manufacturing operations up-to-date as businesses around the country continue to switch to clean energy.

This week, we’re launching Environmental Activists for Sherrod, a constituent group highlighting Sherrod’s work on environmental issues. If you want to join Environmental Activists for Sherrod, add your name here.

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