Friends of Sherrod Brown Releases New Ad: ‘Disheveled’


Friends of Sherrod Brown Releases New Ad: ‘Disheveled’

COLUMBUS — Today, Friends of Sherrod Brown released a new ad, “Disheveled,” poking fun at Sherrod’s rumpled appearance. That doesn’t matter, say the manufacturing workers in the ad, because when they look at Sherrod, they see a leader who they can trust to always fight for Ohio workers.



Some say he looks rumpled.



But we make washing machines, and Sherrod Brown looks great to us.

Because no one’s fought harder to protect our jobs.

In 2012, it’s Sherrod Brown who stood up for us against foreign companies breaking trade rules.

And Sherrod Brown helped create hundreds of new jobs this year.

I’m Sherrod Brown. I’ll never stop fighting for Ohio workers.

Looking great, Senator!

That’s why I approve this message.


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