Meet the Manager of Morale on Team Sherrod


Meet the Manager of Morale on Team Sherrod

Campaign life can be frustrating when your opponent is closing in on the polls, outside spending is ramping up, and, well, it’s not exactly fun to receive push alerts these days.

That’s why we’ve enlisted a Manager of Morale.

It’s none other than Franklin Brown, Sherrod’s dog (and best friend!). There’s no doubt that Franklin makes Sherrod’s days brighter.

And it’d be hard not to with a face like this.

The hard work in this campaign doesn’t just happen in our headquarters. You, our grassroots team, work tirelessly too.

Unfortunately, our Manager of Morale, Franklin, has short legs and can’t cover the ground to meet each of you. Instead, we decided to put his cute mug on a mug, so everyone can have their own morale boost.

Visit our store to get your 2018 Franklin mug!
Don’t forget to use discount code MORALE for 10% off.

You will not only have a mug that’s guaranteed to make you smile, but will be supporting our grassroots efforts to keep Sherrod in the Senate.

If you use the code MORALE, we’ll give you 10% off your mug.

 Click here to get yours today.

Thanks for everything you do!

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