Ohio CEOs make 200 times what a typical worker earns.


Ohio CEOs make 200 times what a typical worker earns.

The average CEO in Ohio earns 200 times what the average worker makes.

That’s more than just a disturbing number: It’s a reminder of the fact that families across the state—and nationwide—are struggling to put food on the table, to afford critical medical care, or to pay rent … while CEOs rake in millions.

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The Columbus Dispatch – Report: Ohio CEOS make 200 times what a typical worker earns

Jim Weiker – September 6, 2018

Key points:

  • The average chief executive in Ohio makes 200 times what the average worker makes, according to a new analysis by Policy Matters Ohio.
  • Drawing on new federal data, the left-leaning research group examined CEO pay and wages at 44 of Ohio’s largest employers.
  • All but five of the 44 CEOs make at least 100 times what their typical worker earns, according to the report, which documented a wide range of gaps between top and average pay.
  • For instance, the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch’s compensation of $10.3 million is 3,431 times more than the median Abercrombie pay of $2,991.
  • Other companies with central Ohio ties include: Huntington Bank, whose CEO makes 145 times the pay of the average worker; Big Lots, whose CEO makes 951 times the average workers; and American Electric Power, whose CEO makes 102 times workers’ salary.

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