Veterans and Military Families for Sherrod


Veterans and Military Families for Sherrod

Today, we’re proud to launch Veterans and Military Families for Sherrod, a new constituent group focused on Sherrod’s work to ensure servicemembers and their families have the support and resources they need, from healthcare and counseling to job training and education.

Meet some of the incredible co-chairs of the group, who are excited to support Sherrod as he works to return to the Senate.

“Those serving in uniform today make up less than one percent of our nation’s population. But they are the ones who risk the most to keep us safe. We need lawmakers who will make sure we do right by members of our armed services and their families. Throughout his career, Senator Sherrod Brown has proven that he is not just capable, but committed to this cause. Sherrod has proven again and again that we can trust him to carry on this work, and for that Ohio servicemembers and military families will stand with him in November.” — Lieutenant General Dennis McCarthy (Ret.), co-chair of Veterans and Military Families for Sherrod

“Senator Sherrod Brown is the most trustworthy and hardest-working public servant I’ve ever met. He truly understands the sacrifices that our servicemembers make and has our back. Every day in the Senate, he is fighting to protect jobs at Ohio’s military installations and make sure that our communities are safe and strong at home and abroad. I trust him to fight for my children’s future, and for families like ours across Ohio.” —Sarah Freemantle, co-chair of Veterans and Military Families for Sherrod


“There are very few members of the House or the Senate who have done more for veterans and military families than Senator Sherrod Brown. At every turn, he has voted the right way, spoken up, and advocated for us. Sherrod has fought to protect the GI Bill, pushed for accountability and full funding at the VA, and worked across the aisle to make sure none of us is on our own when we return from our service. Sherrod never forgets that we have a responsibility to those who serve, and we will never forget that he is our greatest ally in Washington.” —Major General Dennis Laich (Ret.), co-chair of Veterans and Military Families for Sherrod


“It didn’t take long for Senator Sherrod Brown to earn my support. From his continued effort to expand and restore GI Bill benefits to his work holding VA leadership accountable, Senator Brown has proven to be an advocate for veterans who not only talks a good game, but also builds consensus and takes action.” —Technical Sergeant Greg Lee, Veterans and Military Families for Sherrod co-chair

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