We need Sherrod


We need Sherrod

Sherrod’s opponent, multi-millionaire Congressman Jim Renacci, just announced that he has been endorsed by the NRA.

At a time when too many lives are lost to tragic acts of gun violence, Americans don’t need another Senator with an “A” rating from the NRA, receiving thousands of dollars from their political action committee.

We need a Senator who takes real action. We need leaders like Sherrod who work every day to make our communities safer, who fight for meaningful, common-sense steps to prevent more senseless tragedies.

Sherrod says it best: this year is going to be different. Because together, we can make gun safety a reality. But we can only create the change we seek in this state if we send Sherrod back to the Senate. Right now, chip in $5, $10, or whatever you can to support his re-election campaign.

We already have too many members of Congress who are in the NRA‘s pocket, willing to do whatever it takes to make sure common-sense gun violence prevention legislation never becomes a reality. We don’t need one more.

We need Sherrod — who pushes for action to save lives.

If you agree, show your support for Sherrod right now. We’re personally asking you to pitch in $5, $10, or match our average online contribution of $26.

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Sherrod's race is a toss-up. Help us build a campaign that can win this critical race and keep Sherrod fighting for Ohio in the U.S. Senate.
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