What it’s like to work on Team Sherrod


What it’s like to work on Team Sherrod

My name is Matthew and I am an intern on Sherrod’s re-election campaign.

As soon as I joined Team Sherrod, I was exposed to the field of political communications. During my time as an intern, I’ve learned how to compile press clips, monitor social media, manage press lists, and develop messaging.

During my internship, I’ve been able to assist our campaign’s efforts to amplify Sherrod’s record of promoting equality and opportunity to different communities in the state.

I had the opportunity to assist with launch events for different constituency groups in Ohio, including our LGBTQ+ Community for Sherrod launch, African Americans for Sherrod launch, and our Veterans and Military Families for Sherrod launch. All of these events were powerful reminders of the incredible support Sherrod has from people of all backgrounds.

During my time as an intern I have learned so much, and met so many people who are working hard to make our country a better place. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work with such a great team in support of a candidate who has spent his life fighting for Ohio’s working families.