Why voting matters—in 5 quotes


Why voting matters—in 5 quotes

Here are just five reasons why making your voice heard this fall matters—for Ohio, and for our country:

Because equality is on the line

“What affects one affects us all. In reality, when we consider going to the voting booth or whether or not to be active in our community, we can’t sit back and say, ‘Those issues aren’t my issues.’”

—Tayo, who was able to get married thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality

Because access to healthcare is at stake

“CHIP provided us with so much economic mobility. Without it, we would never have been able to afford a house, and now we have one. We couldn’t put aside any money for retirement or college savings for the kids, and now we can.”

—Crystal, whose family benefited from CHIP, a program Sherrod defends every day in the Senate.

Because every vote should count

“Across America, from state legislatures to Congress, the right to vote is under attack. So-called protections against voter fraud are used to disenfranchise and discriminate—and the people who suffer most are the ones who most need to make their voices heard.”

–Rep. Marcia Fudge

Because we deserve leaders who fight for our students

“None of us—whether we receive federal student loans, get grants from our school, or pay full tuition—deserve a Senator who puts special interests ahead of students.”

—Sam Peters, Xavier College Democrats President

Because voting shapes the future

“I have a daughter who’s 10 years old. I think about her and I fight for her and for all little girls her age, because I don’t want them to face the same disparities I did. I want them to know they’re accepted in any space, regardless of their gender or gender identity. That’s part of why I got involved in organizing on behalf of all people. The issues we’re seeing aren’t just problems that are unique to me, these are things we all care about. We have everything to gain in this election.”

—Rhiannon, Executive Director for the Ohio Women’s March. An Air Force Veteran, she’s an activist who also works for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio.

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