I saw Hamilton with Sherrod


Hi! I’m Colleen, and last week, I won Team Sherrod’s contest to see a performance of Hamilton with the Senator! I won’t lie: Before the show on Sunday, I was nervous. I was a little intimidated by the the thought of meeting Sherrod, who works so hard to support programs that make a big difference […]

This isn’t a message asking for money, a signature, or anything else from you. This message has one purpose, and one purpose only: To say thank you. July was our biggest month yet. We reached our $650,000 goal — with an average online contribution of just $26. I am truly honored by the awe-inspiring commitment you continue […]

COLUMBUS — The International Union of Police Associations (IUPA) endorsed Sherrod Brown for re-election to the U.S. Senate. This is the third major endorsement Sherrod has received this cycle from a first responder organization. The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police and Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters also endorsed Sherrod’s re-election. “Ohio police officers have no greater […]

A few weeks ago, Team Sherrod put on a contest with an exciting prize: the chance to see Hamilton with Sherrod. Our winner was Colleen, an anesthesiology assistant who lives in Cleveland. She’s a strong Sherrod supporter, and has seen the power of the legislation Sherrod has fought for in her own community. Here’s a […]

The consequences of the GOP’s tax scam are becoming clearer by the day. While workers’ wages have largely stagnated, corporate executives and shareholders continue to gain billions in profits. It’s fundamentally unfair that those at the top are raking in billions while families are struggling to put food on the table. That’s why we need […]

Gayle Channing Tenenbaum has spent decades working tirelessly on behalf of Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens. Over the last 46 years, she and Sherrod have worked together to advocate for local, state and federal legislation to improve the lives of many children, youth, and families throughout Ohio and the country. Currently a consultant on Medicaid coverage […]

Today we’ve got some good news! We hit our goal of reaching 126 donors on the 26th. Thanks to your hard work, we’re back on track to reach our July goal. Sunday is 100 days to Election Day—and with all our success so far this month, we’re only about 5,882 contributions away from reaching a […]

Sherrod is a champion for quality, affordable healthcare for all Ohioans—not just those at the top. From fighting for the Affordable Care Act to protecting Medicaid expansion to defending the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Sherrod is a reliable, powerful voice in ensuring as many people as possible have the care they deserve. Meanwhile, his […]

Hi! My name is Mycheala and I am an intern on Sherrod’s campaign. From my very first day as an intern on the campaign, everyone welcomed me as a member of the team. I hit the ground running, working on various exciting projects and programs aimed at supporting Senator Brown. A win for our team […]