The Blade: Sherrod Brown: In cri­sis, Ohio­ans need Biden’s lead­er­ship


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Sen. Sherrod Brown interviewed three small business owners who said they’ve suffered economically under President Donald Trump in a video that marked the third night in a row the Democratic National Convention featured an Ohio politician. Brown, who flirted with running for the presidency himself, appeared during the section focusing on the economy, […]

Senator Sherrod Brown wants to drastically scale back the permitted uses of your personal data—and ban facial recognition outright.  BE HONEST—HAVE YOU ever read a privacy disclosure? Even once? Facebook’s data privacy policy is more than 4,000 words. It contains dozens of links to hundreds of pages of complex terms and agreements. Even if you had […]

Democratic U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown accuses ruling Republicans of placing an economic rebound and corporate profits above employee safety, as millions return to work amid a coronavirus pandemic. Federal officials are being lax in protecting workers’ health while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, is insisting on legislation to shield corporate “bad actors” from legal […]

So I was asking Sherrod Brown about going back to work in the United States Senate last week, and he gave me the most Sherrod Brown answer you could imagine: “McConnell summons us back,” he told me. “Think about this. Forget about senators and our safety. And most of us aren’t bringing any staff in, except maybe […]

Your grandparents may brag to you about the good old days, and your parents may tell you that your generation is apathetic and self-centered. But I’ve seen something different. You are the most activist generation in decades. Of course, none of you thought you would graduate into this world. Now, baby boomers have left you […]