Three Sherrod stories that will make you smile


Sherrod looks out for hardworking Ohioans every single day. Here are just a few times he’s gone the extra mile to make sure all those he represents are valued and heard: — 1. “Constant calls, handwritten notes keep Democrat Sherrod Brown in touch with Ohioans” “Sherrod Brown likes to make phone calls and scribble notes. […]

Team — All I can say right now is wow. Thanks to you, we hit our goal and raised more than $1 million online from 46,392 individuals, one $26 contribution at a time. We couldn’t have reached this milestone without your hard work. Your support will go a long way: The money we raised will […]

In an economy that works for everyone, working Americans should be able to afford housing at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, that’s not possible in many cities across the country. As housing prices rise and wages largely do not, many families are struggling to buy or rent homes at a cost they can afford. Sherrod knows […]

There are only 12 days until Election Day! There’s a lot on the line for American families this fall. Here are 12 of the issues on the ballot—and 12 reasons you should make sure to make your voice heard. 1. Healthcare—Republicans are attempting to take healthcare away from millions of Americans. Meanwhile, Sherrod fights to […]

COLUMBUS — Today, Friends of Sherrod Brown released a new ad, “Disheveled,” poking fun at Sherrod’s rumpled appearance. That doesn’t matter, say the manufacturing workers in the ad, because when they look at Sherrod, they see a leader who they can trust to always fight for Ohio workers. “Disheveled” TRANSCRIPT: Some say he looks rumpled. […]

Here are just five reasons why making your voice heard this fall matters—for Ohio, and for our country: Because equality is on the line “What affects one affects us all. In reality, when we consider going to the voting booth or whether or not to be active in our community, we can’t sit back and […]