From the archives: Sherrod Brown joins government health plan, after 18-year protest


On Friday, President Trump quietly signed a series of executive orders making it easier to fire federal workers and weakening unions’ influence in the workplace. These orders are a mistake. As Sherrod has repeatedly said, workers drive our economy. Without a strong middle class to consume goods and services, our economy simply can’t grow. And […]

Happy Throwback Thursday! Today we’re taking a look back at Sherrod’s second-term swearing-in, when some good news made the festivities that much better. Read more: — Michael K. McIntyre –, January 4, 2013 U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown rose to address the 200 or so supporters gathered for a reception after his second-term swearing in […]

A report out this week shows that four in ten Americans couldn’t afford to pay an unexpected $400 expense. It’s emblematic of a larger issue: Too many people, in Ohio and beyond, are going into debt paying for healthcare, or are seeing their pensions slashed because of Wall Street’s greed. Just this week, Congress passed […]

In 2010, Americans across the country breathed a sigh of relief as the Affordable Care Act became law, giving millions peace of mind and quality care. The law has saved lives, ensured more than 5 million Ohioans with pre-existing conditions could no longer be charged more for their care, and removed lifetime limits for health […]

If Congress doesn’t act soon, more than one million workers and retirees could suffer the consequences of our country’s worsening pension crisis. It’s fundamentally unfair. Sherrod has consistently spoken out on this issue, because it’s not right that Ohioans who’ve worked hard their entire adult lives could see massive cuts to their pension benefits. Americans […]