Buzzfeed: How Sherrod Brown Turned His Rumpled Authenticity Into A Brand — And Gave Himself A Good Story To Tell In 2020


I regularly travel back and forth between Washington, D.C. and my home in Cleveland. That means I spend quite a bit of time in airports, and every once in a while, I drop by the United lounge. During one of those recent trips, I noticed something troubling. I looked up and down the bar and […]

Yesterday, Sherrod went live on Facebook for a Town Hall, taking questions from supporters across the country. Here’s what we learned: 1. It’s all about whose side you’re on. As Sherrod put it, “We have a president who specializes in dividing people.” But if you love your country, you fight for the people who make […]

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the election. You may have seen news coverage confirming that, for the first time in my career, I am considering running for President. I am reading your comments about this on Facebook and Twitter, and in private messages. What an honor to be part of that conversation. […]