Janus v. AFSCME was a blow to the middle class, but the fight for justice carries on


Sherrod has been endorsed by the Ohio State Medical Association, the largest professional group representing Ohio doctors in the state. The endorsement is especially notable given that OSMA’s support is never guaranteed for members of one party or another: In 2012, the group remained neutral, and in 2016, it endorsed Republican Sen. Rob Portman. Whether […]

COLUMBUS — The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) today endorsed Sherrod Brown for re-election to the U.S. Senate. OSMA is Ohio’s largest physician-led organization. “We chose to endorse Senator Brown because of his long record of serving physicians and their patients,” said Marvin Rorick, MD, chair of OSMA’s Political Action Committee. “In his dozen years representing Ohio thus […]

It’s been six months since the GOP passed their tax scam, and in that time, the bill has only gotten less popular—as it becomes clearer every day that it was just a giveaway to the wealthiest 1%, corporations, and Wall Street. As of this week, a new poll shows that just 34% of Americans approve […]

This week, actor (and Ohio native) Martin Sheen sent a message to Sherrod’s supporters about Sherrod’s long record of fighting for hardworking Ohioans. It’s a great reminder that we need to be doing all we can to defend this Senate seat, and fighting to defend the values we hold as a country. Read the message […]

With less than five months to go until Election Day, things are more than a little busy here on Team Sherrod. In case you missed any updates, here’s a quick rundown on what this team was up to this week: — On Thursday, we were so excited to launch LGBTQ Community for Sherrod. Sherrod has […]

Have you heard? We’ve got a new contest: If you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll get Sherrod’s voice on your outgoing voicemail message. Read his message about the contest below, and then be sure to get your name in. — Team — Honestly, my staff tells me I have a distinct voice. They’re…not the […]