The bigger picture


Today, Paul Begala shared a message with Sherrod’s supporters about the importance of creating a country that’s about more than watching the news cycle, one where we support each other—and where the concept that hard work pays off is more than just rhetoric. Read Paul’s message below, and then chip in to support Sherrod’s campaign. […]

The White House recently announced that the massive infrastructure bill they’ve been talking about for over a year won’t become a reality in 2018. Americans across the country will be affected by this administration’s inability to make any progress on this issue. In Ohio, for example, thousands of bridges need repairs. That’s why back in […]

Net neutrality gives every American equal access to a free and open internet. It means major companies can’t prioritize certain content or sites — or charge users more to access videos, or search engines. But last year, the FCC moved to roll net neutrality rules back, prioritizing corporate interests over consumers. Net neutrality rollback is […]

Today, Sherrod is sending a special message to supporters about the lessons he’s reflecting on this Mother’s Day, and about the powerful role his mother played in his own life. Read it below: — Team — Happy Mother’s Day! Wherever you are today, I hope you’re carving out some time to celebrate your loved ones, […]

It’s official: Sherrod will be facing Congressman Jim Renacci in November. This won’t be an easy race: Renacci has the backing of Washington Republicans, the Trump White House, and wealthy special interest groups. They’ll undoubtedly do whatever they can—and spend whatever they can—to defeat Sherrod this fall. We can’t let that happen. Let’s keep the […]

May marks 5 months since the GOP rushed through their hastily-written tax bill—which they repeatedly claimed would help the middle class. Reality looks a little different, though. Here are 5 ways the scam has gone on to help the wealthiest among us, not hardworking American families. 1. The country’s biggest banks made at least $3.59 […]