Vox: The success of Medicaid expansion


Reports are confirming what Ohioans already know: Medicaid expansion is working. The latest numbers demonstrate that expanding Medicaid has driven Ohio’s uninsured rate down—while helping people get the care they need and avoid other life-altering issues like medical debt. As Sherrod says, we need to defend the progress we’ve made in helping Americans get healthcare, […]

As you may have heard, President Trump is in Ohio today. While he’s having dinner with donors, we’re focused on kitchen-table issues Ohioans care about: Like the GOP’s tax scam, which is currently lining the pockets of the wealthiest 1% while failing to help hardworking families. Or education. Congressman Renacci supports Secretary of Education DeVos, […]

Americans don’t need justices who will side with insurance companies over cancer survivors, financial scammers over customers, or massive corporations over workers. If you stand with Sherrod on his decision, show your support: The Columbus Dispatch: As expected, Sherrod Brown to vote against Kavanaugh Jack Torry – August 24, 2018 WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Sherrod […]

President Trump once promised: “You’re going to have such great healthcare, at a tiny fraction of the cost—and it’s going to be so easy.” But over a year later, this administration is doing all it can to make it so difficult for people to get the coverage they need. No matter what President Trump says, […]

Back in November, when congressional Republicans started pushing their disastrous tax plan, Sherrod fought back. Take a look at the viral moment: Last night wasn't "spewing stuff." It's fighting like hell for Americans who are getting ripped off by this tax bill. -SB https://t.co/n0Pjg5nXFh — Sherrod Brown (@SherrodBrown) November 17, 2017 Moments like these make […]

Reports out this week demonstrate the powerful impact Medicaid expansion has had for Ohio families: Millions have benefited from the expansion, while the adult uninsured rate has fallen by nearly half since 2012. Sherrod knows we need to defend the undeniable progress we’ve made in helping the people who need coverage get the care they […]

GOP leaders have made a lot of claims about their tax scam. As they were rushing to pass the bill, they promised it would help working families get ahead, because profits at the top would make their way down to workers. But this was always a scam aimed at benefiting the wealthiest 1%, and that’s […]

Hey, everyone! My name is Craig Smith and I’m an organizer for the Campaign for Ohio in Stark County. This is what a typical day in the life as a field organizer looks like: I start my day with breakfast to energize myself for the important work ahead. There’s a lot of data to process […]