A message from Sherrod: Where I was this afternoon


Yesterday, Team Sherrod was proud to launch Women for Sherrod, a new constituent group focusing on Sherrod’s long-time work on behalf of women. To celebrate the launch, women from all over Ohio gathered in Columbus, speaking out about the issues that matter most to them, and showing their enthusiastic support for Sherrod. Read Sherrod’s message […]

Today, we’re very proud to launch Women for Sherrod, a new constituent group focused on Sherrod’s work to promote gender equality in the workplace, in healthcare, and beyond. At a time when gender-based pay discrimination costs Ohio women nearly $30 billion every year, Sherrod has co-sponsored all nine attempts to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. […]

This week, we launched Women for Sherrod, a new constituent group highlighting Sherrod’s work in advocating for gender equality across Ohio, and nationwide. Meet Rhiannon, one of the incredible co-chairs of this group. The Executive Director and a Community Organizer for the Women’s March Ohio, Rhiannon’s commitment to fighting for all—regardless of gender identity, race, […]

Yesterday, Tom Price, President Trump’s former top health official, said that Republicans’ tax law is making it more difficult for Americans to gain healthcare because it repealed the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. Price’s comments echo what Sherrod has been pointing out for months: The GOP’s tax bill isn’t helping the middle class—it’s just a […]

Last Saturday, Team Sherrod grabbed our gardening gloves and made our way to Goodale Park in Columbus, where we celebrated Earth Day by raking leaves, picking up trash, and getting the park ready for a busy summer. As we worked, we talked to other volunteers and learned what Goodale Park means to them. Our parks […]

The Great Lakes are some of our region’s most important natural resources. For two consecutive years, though, the Trump administration has proposed cutting funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, despite the fact that this funding is key in protecting this highly valuable resource. After the administration announced it would once again consider slashing funding […]

In the Senate, Sherrod fights for legislation to keep Ohioans’ air and water clean, while advancing renewable energy and bringing clean energy jobs to the state. We’ve put together just a few examples of Sherrod’s advocacy on environmental issues—take a look: — 1. Sherrod stands up for the Great Lakes The Great Lakes are a […]