Cincinnati Enquirer: Sherrod Brown Op-Ed: Tax cuts should go to workers, companies that create jobs in U.S.


The American Dream should be more than just that: a dream. But under Republican leadership, it’s getting even tougher for Americans to claim that anyone who works hard will have a fair shot to get ahead.At least that’s what this recent report demonstrates: CEO pay is on the rise while employees’ wages are not. Chief […]

Thank you to everyone who is going door to door around Ohio. You give me hope. We all can go back 18 months ago—even in the early days of January, Republicans were planning to repeal the Affordable Care Act. We saw how people pushed back with the Women’s March, the March for Science, the airport […]

Families across Ohio—and nationwide—suffered the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis. Some lost jobs, their homes, and the savings they’d put aside for their children’s educations. Total, research shows the recession cost the average American $70,000 in lifetime income. This is exactly why we can’t afford to forget what led to the crisis: corporate greed. […]

Campaign life can be frustrating when your opponent is closing in on the polls, outside spending is ramping up, and, well, it’s not exactly fun to receive push alerts these days. That’s why we’ve enlisted a Manager of Morale. It’s none other than Franklin Brown, Sherrod’s dog (and best friend!). There’s no doubt that Franklin makes […]

President Trump has repeatedly claimed that the economy may be the “greatest” it’s ever been. Unfortunately, that’s not just not true—especially if you’re an hourly worker. Data out this month shows that while unemployment has fallen, wages for many workers haven’t risen. That’s at least partially because of limits on bargaining power, and probably also […]

In the Senate, Sherrod stands up for American workers every single day. His latest proposal—the “American Cars, American Jobs Act”—is just the latest example of his work to level the playing field, while helping hardworking people get ahead. Get the details, and then be sure to show your support: Toledo Blade Editorial: Sherrod Brown’s patriotic […]

Sherrod Brown: “If you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work.” COLUMBUS — Today, Friends of Sherrod Brown released a new TV ad, “Dignity,” in which Sherrod discusses his belief that there is dignity in all work, and his commitment to making sure that hard work pays off for every […]