This Won’t Stop Us


Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation is disheartening. But we can’t let it stop us from taking action. In fact, it should make us work harder than before. We need to put an end to Citizens United. We need to protect women’s access to healthcare. We have to hold the Trump administration accountable every time they don’t put […]

The gender wage gap isn’t only hurting women — it’s hurting families and the economy as a whole. In Ohio, the wage gap costs women on average a little over $12,600 a year. That could be a down payment on a house. That could pay the rent, mortgage, or health care bills for months. That […]

Seven years ago the Affordable Care Act came into effect. For millions of Americans it meant that access to quality health care would become a reality. For those who were denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, they were given an opportunity that for so long had been unreachable. For families, it meant they could […]

Betsy DeVos, newly-minted Secretary of Education, used to run two special interest groups. One of those groups fell afoul of Ohio state campaign finance laws by funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into the state to influence an election. Before Citizens United, when the incident occurred, this was illegal. Today, in the post-Citizens United world, […]

First, President Trump assembled a Cabinet of millionaires and billionaires. Now he’s signing laws that decrease transparency and protect Big Oil over hardworking families. Demand that Donald Trump stop attacking transparency. Add your name.