Editorial Board Endorses Sherrod For His ‘Tireless Work Ethic,’ ‘Advocacy For Middle Class’

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The editorial board has endorsed Sherrod for re-election, citing his “tireless work ethic,” “concern for the little guy,” and “connection to Ohio.” The board also praised Sherrod’s advocacy for Ohio’s middle-class and his strong relationship with Republican Senator Rob Portman. Today’s endorsement is the second major newspaper endorsement Sherrod has picked up in recent weeks, following […]

COLUMBUS — Friends of Sherrod Brown today released a new ad, “Our Friends,” which highlights Sherrod’s work on behalf of Ohio pets and their owners. When unsafe dog treats from China threatened Ohio pets, Sherrod took the lead to protect animals and get the dog treats removed from shelves. Sherrod’s own rescue dog, Franklin, appears in the ad. TRANSCRIPT: SHERROD: I’m […]

A new episode of Snapchat’s “Good Luck America” out today profiles the Ohio Senate race and Sherrod’s “relentless focus on working class people and the issues they care about like wages, trade, and healthcare.” Snapchat’s Peter Hamby notes that healthcare plays an outsize role in this race because of how hard the state has been […]

COLUMBUS — Today, Friends of Sherrod Brown released a new ad, “Disheveled,” poking fun at Sherrod’s rumpled appearance. That doesn’t matter, say the manufacturing workers in the ad, because when they look at Sherrod, they see a leader who they can trust to always fight for Ohio workers. “Disheveled” TRANSCRIPT: Some say he looks rumpled. […]

In a new profile from the Columbus Dispatch, Republicans and Democrats alike praise Sherrod’s “lost art” of writing notes and making personal phone calls, setting him apart from others for the way he views and is successful in his job. Anecdotes from his allies and political foes provide an inside look at Sherrod’s work style […]

Today, the Columbus Dispatch endorsed Sherrod for re-election, citing his “proven performance,” and his “focus and work ethic.” The Dispatch praised Sherrod’s bipartisan work with Senator Portman, his work to shore up the pensions of thousands of Ohioans, and his credibility on key committees that benefit Ohio. Columbus Dispatch: Editorial Endorsement – For US Senate: […]

Sherrod Brown: “If you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work.” COLUMBUS — Today, Friends of Sherrod Brown released a new TV ad, “Dignity,” in which Sherrod discusses his belief that there is dignity in all work, and his commitment to making sure that hard work pays off for every […]

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