5 Pressing Questions For Josh Mandel At Today’s Rare Press Conference


5 Pressing Questions For Josh Mandel At Today’s Rare Press Conference

Absentee Treasurer Yet To Explain Decision To Hire Political Cronies, Lack Of Support For Auto Rescue

COLUMBUS, OHIO – With Ohio’s absentee Treasurer Josh Mandel taking a rare break from ignoring his job to fundraise in places like the Bahamas and actually taking questions from the press today, here’s a short list of pressing questions that Mandel’s been ducking.

Mandel will hold his rare media availability at Modular Systems Technicians at 5399 Lancaster Road, Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131 at 9:30 am today.

1.       The Stop the Student Loan Interest Rate Hike Act of 2012 that Sherrod Brown introduced to stop the interest rate on some federal student loans from doubling is up for a vote today. Would Josh Mandel vote YES or NO on this bill?

2.      Why did Josh Mandel break his campaign promise and hire unqualified cronies and political friends for top jobs at the Treasurer’s office, including one who was so unqualified he had to be sent to a beginner’s course in the topic he was overseeing?

3.      Why did Josh Mandel think it was acceptable to miss the first 14 meetings of the powerful Board of Deposit that oversees billions of dollars of taxpayer money, sometimes for ritzy fundraisers? And what was he doing during the other missed meetings?

4.      With nearly 850,000 related jobs, why would Josh Mandel have voted no on the auto rescue that’s got Ohio’s auto manufacturers and suppliers thriving?

5.      Why does Josh Mandel refuse join Rob Portman in supporting Sherrod Brown’s bill that cracks down on China’s illegal currency manipulation that has cost Ohio jobs?

One more time, Mandel will hold his rare media availability at Modular Systems Technicians at 5399 Lancaster Road, Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131 at 9:30 am today. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet a crony.

“Today provides a rare opportunity for Josh Mandel to explain why he’s ignored his job since day one, surrounded himself with unqualified political cronies in the Treasurer’s office, didn’t support the auto rescue, refuses to take a stand in favor of Sherrod’s bill to stop student loan rates from rising, and won’t stand up against China’s illegal currency manipulation,” said Sadie Weiner, spokesperson for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “Ohio’s absentee Treasurer has a well-documented reputation for refusing to answer even the most basic of questions while peddling debunked falsehoods and outright lies about Sherrod Brown, and it’s far past time for Josh Mandel to finally come clean on his disastrous record in the Treasurer’s office and his views on the serious issues facing Ohio families.”


Mandel Feels “No Obligation To Share His Views” On Important Legislation. In an April 2012 Op-Ed published in The Akron Beacon Journal, editorial writer Steve Hoffman wrote “Earlier in the campaign, the Marine Corps veteran’s spokesman said that Mandel felt no obligation to share his views of legislation before the U.S. Senate for sanctions on China for manipulating its currency.”  [Akron Beacon Journal, Op-Ed, 04/18/12]

Mandel Refused To Support Bill By Senator Brown To Keep Interest Rates From Doubling.  In April 2012, The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote “Mandel’s position? It appears that Mandel would support keeping student loan rates low if there is another way to pay.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 4/28/12]

Mandel Communications Director Described Mandel’s Position “Indirectly.”  In April 2012, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Travis Considine, Mandel’s communications director, described Mandel’s position “indirectly.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 4/28/12]

Mandel Hired Six Campaign Staffers To Positions Ranging From Debt Management And Policy Advising To Community Outreach.  In March 2012, The Dayton Daily News reported “To see if Mandel was fulfilling his pledge not to hire political friends the Daily News reviewed personnel files and other records from the treasurer’s office. The review showed that Mandel put qualified, experienced staff members in some top positions, but also hired six campaign workers whose average age is 26 and assigned them duties ranging from debt management to policy-advising to community outreach.”  [Dayton Daily News, 03/31/12]

Mandel: “Regardless, Cronyism Is Bad.” In October 2010, in an interview with the Dix Editorial Board, Josh Mandel said, “You know regardless, cronyism is bad, and a hallmark of our campaign, one of the main messages we’ve had in our campaign is restoring character and integrity to the treasurer’s office.” [Dix Editorial Board interview, 10/5/10]

Mandel Wouldn’t Respond To Questions About What He Was Doing Instead Of Attending 14 Board of Deposit Meetings.  In February 2012, after noting that Mandel’s schedule offered little insight into his whereabouts during the 14 Board of Deposit meetings Mandel has missed as Treasurer, the Huffington Post reported “Unger did not immediately answer a request for comment on the apparent gaps in his boss’s schedule.” [Huffington Post, 2/24/12]

January 2012: Mandel Hasn’t Attended A Single Board of Deposit Meeting And Was In Washington, D.C. For A Fundraiser Before the Monthly Meeting In Columbus. In January 2012, Politico reported that they had “obtained an invitation for a D.C. fundraiser on behalf of Mandel set for Thursday morning – just two hours before the next scheduled board of deposit meeting in Columbus.”  Politico also noted that the Associated Press reported Mandel “hasn’t attended a single monthly meeting” of the powerful board that decides where to put billions of Ohio’s tax dollars. [Politico, 1/25/12]

Mandel Was Against Auto Rescue Package And Disagreed That It Saved The Auto Industry.  In March 2012, The Youngstown Vindicator wrote “State legislators from the Mahoning Valley and United Auto Workers union members at the General Motors Lordstown complex criticized Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, for saying he ‘respectfully disagreed’ that the federal bailout saved the auto industry.”  [Youngstown Vindicator, 03/16/12; Toledo Free Press, 3/16/12]

Mandel Wouldn’t Support Sen. Brown’s China Currency Bill For Manufacturers – Spokesman Said Mandel Wouldn’t Be Commenting On Issues Before The Senate. In December 2011, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported “Mandel also would not give his opinion on a foreign trade bill promoted by Brown and supported by small Ohio manufacturers as well as Portman, a former White House trade ambassador. Brown’s bill would authorize economic sanctions against China if authorities found China manipulated its currency, providing its exports with an unfair pricing advantage. Some conservatives say punitive tariffs might start a trade war. Asked about these issues, Mandel spokesman Joe Aquilino said that the candidate is not a Washington politician and, ‘consequently, for the next year we’re not going to pretend like he’s there and voting on every bill that’s introduced or that’s on the floor.’” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/24/11]


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