Ad Watch: Reeling From Cronyism Scandal, Josh Mandel Launches First Ad In Attempt To Distract From Weeks Of Negative Headlines


Ad Watch: Reeling From Cronyism Scandal, Josh Mandel Launches First Ad In Attempt To Distract From Weeks Of Negative Headlines

New Spot Ignores Mandel’s Unimpressive Record As Treasurer

COLUMBUS, OHIO Reeling from multiple reports of Josh Mandel’s political cronyism in the Treasurer’s office, Ohio’s absentee Treasurer has taken to the airwaves in an attempt to distract from weeks of negative headlines over the qualifications of his hires, taxpayer funded raises they received upon being hired in the Treasurer’s office,  and reports that Mandel’s Director of Debt Management was so unqualified for his position that he had to be sent to a beginner’s course on the subject he was overseeing.


Claims Facts


Announcer: “These are the boots that defend our nation.  These boots keep our country strong.  Marine veteran Josh Mandel knows America’s strength begins with the middle class.  The grandson of a soldier and a blue-collar laborer, Josh Mandel served two tours in Iraq and came home to protect our tax dollars.  Now, Washington is broken and needs new leaders and this Marine is ready to answer the call.  Josh Mandel.”


Josh Mandel: “I’m Josh Mandel and I approve this message.”





How Mandel “Strengthens” Ohio’s Middle Class:


Mandel Was Against Auto Rescue Package And Disagreed That It Saved The Auto Industry.  In March 2012, The Youngstown Vindicator wrote “State legislators from the Mahoning Valley and United Auto Workers union members at the General Motors Lordstown complex criticized Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, for saying he ‘respectfully disagreed’ that the federal bailout saved the auto industry.”  [Youngstown Vindicator, 03/16/12; Toledo Free Press, 3/16/12]


Mandel Would Not Give Position On Sen. Brown’s Bill To Curb China’s Illegal Currency Manipulation.  In October 2011, Jack Torry wrote in the Columbus Dispatch “Nowhere did the spokesman provide the slightest clue as to where Mandel stood on an issue that has a lot of traction in Ohio.  That is the way Mandel has been campaigning for next year’s U.S. Senate race.” [Columbus Dispatch, 10/24/11]


Mandel Silent On Sen. Brown’s China Currency Bill For Manufacturers – Spokesman Said Mandel Wouldn’t Be Commenting On Issues Before The Senate. In December 2011, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported “Mandel also would not give his opinion on a foreign trade bill promoted by Brown and supported by small Ohio manufacturers as well as Portman, a former White House trade ambassador. Brown’s bill would authorize economic sanctions against China if authorities found China manipulated its currency, providing its exports with an unfair pricing advantage.”  The Plain Dealer also noted “Asked about these issues, Mandel spokesman Joe Aquilino said that the candidate is not a Washington politician and, ‘consequently, for the next year we’re not going to pretend like he’s there and voting on every bill that’s introduced or that’s on the floor.’” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/24/11]


Mandel Supported Senate Bill 5. In May 2011, the Dayton Daily News reported that Mandel said he supported SB 5.  The bill attacked public employees’ collective bargaining rights and was roundly defeated in November 2011 in what the Columbus Dispatch called “a stinging rebuke.”  [Dayton Daily News, 5/25/2011; Columbus Dispatch, 11/9/11]



How Josh Mandel “Protects” Our Tax Dollars:


January 2012: Mandel Hasn’t Attended A Single Board of Deposit Meeting And Was In Washington, D.C. For A Fundraiser Before the Monthly Meeting In Columbus. In January 2012, Politico reported that they had “obtained an invitation for a D.C. fundraiser on behalf of Mandel set for Thursday morning – just two hours before the next scheduled board of deposit meeting in Columbus.”  Politico also noted that the Associated Press reported Mandel “hasn’t attended a single monthly meeting” of the powerful board that decides where to put billions of Ohio’s tax dollars. [Politico, 1/25/12]


Plain Dealer Editorial: Mandel “Recently Took Time Out from His U.S. Senate Race” To Attend Board of Deposit Meeting For The First Time – Mandel Needs To Know “Good Government Means Minding The Store.”  In a March editorial, the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote “State Treasurer Josh Mandel, a Greater Cleveland Republican, recently took time out from his U.S. Senate race to attend to an official duty: chairing the State Board of Deposit, evidently for the first time in his 14 months as treasurer.  Mandel, who is running as if there’s no tomorrow against Democratic U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, needs to consider the maxim that good government is the best politics. And at the state treasury, good government means minding the store. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 3/26/12]


Mandel Hired Inexperienced Staffers For High-Ranking Jobs In Treasurer’s Office.  In March 2012, the Dayton Daily News reported “Republican Josh Mandel hired young, relatively inexperienced staffers from his 2010 campaign and gave them high-ranking jobs in the state treasurer’s office, a Dayton Daily News examination found.”  [Dayton Daily News, 03/31/12]


Mandel’s Debt Management Director, Joe Aquilino, Attended A Conference Tailored For Those New To The Subject Of Debt Management.  In April 2012, The Huffington Post reported “Days after being accused of hiring young, inexperienced staffers for key positions in the state Treasury, new evidence shows that Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, the Republican nominee for the state Senate race, dispatched a top aide to a beginner’s course in the subject he was overseeing. A roster of attendees for a seminar on the fundamentals of municipal bond law, held at the April 2011 National Association of Bond Lawyers, shows that Joe Aquilino — Mandel’s debt management director at the time — attended the conference. The seminar is tailored for those new to the subject.” [Huffington Post, 04/05/12]


Mandel Gave His Appointees Large Raises.  In April 2012, the Toledo Bladed reported “Josh Mandel, Ohio treasurer of state, has given his staff appointees large raises since he took office while awarding more modest raises to the employees he inherited when he became treasurer a year ago.” [Toledo Blade, 4/16/12]


Friday, March 9:  Josh Mandel Went To The Bahamas For A Fundraiser And Speech.  In March 2012, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported “Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, already criticized by Democrats for missing official state meetings, flew to the Bahamas last Friday to give a speech to the payday lending industry, The Plain Dealer has confirmed. Mandel held a fund-raiser for his U.S. Senate election campaign while at the Bahamas resort, a spokesman acknowledged when the newspaper asked.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 03/13/12]



“Following weeks of negative press regarding Josh Mandel’s decision to break a campaign promise and surround himself with unqualified political cronies in the Treasurer’s office, it’s no surprise that Mandel is forced to go on air in an effort to distract from the fact that he’s not doing his job, can’t be trusted, and has spent the last year pushing an anti middle class agenda,” said Sadie Weiner, Friends of Sherrod Brown spokesperson.



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