Breaking: Mandel Actually Takes A Position, Opposes Paycheck Fairness Act


Breaking: Mandel Actually Takes A Position, Opposes Paycheck Fairness Act

Claims Of Party Independence Ring Hollow As Mandel Toes Republican Party Line

COLUMBUS, OHIO – In a move highly unusual for him, Josh Mandel has actually taken a position on a bill before the U.S. Senate. The bill is the Paycheck Fairness Act, and yesterday, Mandel’s spokesman took a break from dodging questions on the FBI investigation of Mandel’s donors to indicate Mandel does not support the bill that would strengthen the tools used to fight pay discrimination.

Mandel claims he would stand up to his own party bosses, but the few positions he has staked have without fail been pulled straight from the national Republican playbook. Mandel’s campaign took the position and toed the party line hours after every single Republican in the U.S. Senate – including Mandel’s bosses, Jim DeMint and John McCain – voted to filibuster the Paycheck Fairness Act and just one day after he spent the day on a K Street fundraising blitz in DC.

According to the U.S. Census, in Ohio there are over 900,000 households that rely partially or wholly on the mother’s earnings, making this bill an important stepping stone on the path to economic recovery.

“Josh Mandel’s ridiculous claims of independence ring hollow in the face of his latest anti-middle class position against the Paycheck Fairness Act that would provide tools for women who receive less than equal pay for an equal day’s work to fight discrimination and better provide for their families,” said Sadie Weiner, spokesperson for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “It’s no wonder Mandel spends most of his time dodging the issues – of the few positions Mandel has taken, every single one is anti-middle class and proves he’s just another politician who can’t be trusted.”


Mandel Said He Would Stand Up To Party Bosses in Washington.    In June 2012, The Chillicothe Gazette reported that Mandel “said he plans to stand up to political bosses from both parties and lobbyists, even if they threaten to halt his fundraising or embarrass him in the media.  ‘I will look them squarely in the eye and tell them I do not work for you.'”  [Chillicothe Gazette, 6/3/12]

Mandel “Signaled” He Would Have Voted Against Paycheck Fairness Act in Senate.  In June 2012, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Mandel’s campaign “signaled that he would have voted ‘no’ on the bill.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 6/5/12]


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