How low will Josh Mandel go?


How low will Josh Mandel go?

The Akron Beacon Journal -…At the rate he’s going, Republican U.S. Senate candidate and state treasurer Josh Mandel is on his way to reach new lows, quite an accomplishment in Ohio.

Mandel, endorsed this week by Sen. John McCain and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during Ohio campaign stops, has about $5 million on hand. His first television ad went up last night, a biographical piece. “America is broken and needs new leaders” the ads says. “And this Marine is ready to answer the call.”

And charge toward what objectives? Earlier in the campaign, the Marine Corps veteran’s spokesman said that Mandel felt no obligation to share his views of legislation before the U.S. Senate for sanctions on China for manipulating its currency.

“For the next year, we’re not going to pretend like he’s there [in Washington] and voting on every bill that’s introduced or that’s on the floor,” said spokesman Joe Aquilino.

What’s worse is that Mandel will say anything about his opponent, Sen. Sherrod Brown. Brown has a long record, going back to 1974, as a member of the U.S. House, Ohio secretary of state and Ohio House member, but Mandel makes stuff up, anyway — burned three times by PolitiFact Ohio, a partnership of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and, a Pulitzer Prize-winning website of the Tampa Bay Times.

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