Important Seminar to Protect Seniors


Important Seminar to Protect Seniors

WTRF – On Monday, the office of U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) ,Ohio  and the Federal Trade Commission will host a free seminar for  seniors aimed at  helping them protect their finances and avoid fraud and scams.

The FTC  is charged with helping to prevent fraud, deception, and unfair business  practices in the marketplace.

“Criminals  may see seniors—who have often saved their entire lives to enjoy  retirement—as ripe targets for financial fraud. Internet and  telemarketing scams are always  troubling, but the targeting of senior citizens is particularly  disturbing,” Brown said. “That’s why these seminars are so important. By  providing seniors with the tools to protect themselves, we can prevent  scams while providing retirees with the information  they need to keep their nest egg safe and sound.”

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