FINALLY: In “Lengthy, Detailed Assault” Josh Mandel Reveals Opposition To Auto Rescue, Calls Sherrod’s Vote “Un-American”


FINALLY: In “Lengthy, Detailed Assault” Josh Mandel Reveals Opposition To Auto Rescue, Calls Sherrod’s Vote “Un-American”

After Ducking Issue For More Than A Year, Mandel Lets Loose In Dispatch Editorial Board Meeting

The truth is out. After spending months flatly refusing to discuss the auto rescue which Sen. Sherrod Brown championed, Josh Mandel has finally revealed his stance on the rescue package that helped to protect nearly 850 thousand industry-related jobs in Ohio: Josh Mandel opposes it.

Throughout the course of a lengthy editorial board interview with The Columbus Dispatch, in which he shockingly called Sherrod “un-American,” Mandel launched a “lengthy, detailed assault” on the auto rescue. The Dispatch reported:

Mandel often relied on buzzwords and phrases such as liberal, immoral and out of touch in bashing Brown and his policies, but his “un-American” charge stood out in what was a lengthy, detailed assault on the $80 billion in federal money loaned to General Motors and Chrysler in 2008 and 2009. …

Mandel also said the cost of the loans was “outrageous,” that Honda and Ford plants still would be open in Ohio, and that Brown’s arguing the bailout saved 850,000 Ohio jobs is a “ridiculous argument.” He issued an impassioned critique of the bailout, saying evidence showing it “didn’t work” was the Mansfield-Ontario stamping plant’s shutting down in 2009. He said Brown’s vote closed the plant.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say that,” Brown said.

“After spending months refusing to come clean with Ohioans when asked where he stands on the American auto rescue, Josh Mandel’s ‘lengthy, detailed assault’ on it is an insult to the 850 thousand Ohioans whose industry-related jobs were protected in part because of the bold rescue package Sherrod fought to pass,” said Sadie Weiner, spokeswoman for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “As General Motors announces a $220 million investment in its Lordstown and Parma plants, Ohioans now know without equivocation that Josh Mandel would not have fought for Ohio’s 850 thousand industry related auto jobs, and combined with his over the top ‘un-American’ charge it is now more clear than ever before that Josh Mandel is not on the side of Ohio’s middle class and is just another politician who can’t be trusted.”