Mandel’s inconsistencies: editorial


Mandel’s inconsistencies: editorial

The Plain Dealer — The antics of State Treasurer Josh Mandel, a Lyndhurst Republican, continue to set precedents in the annals of Ohio political hypocrisy, which, given Ohio’s history, is really saying something.

Mandel was no sooner sworn in as treasurer in January 2011 when he immediately began (actually, continued) a quest to unseat U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, an Avon Democrat, who is running this year for re-election.

Mandel, now 34, was elected treasurer in November 2010. He defeated Democratic Treasurer Kevin Boyce. Among the charges Mandel lobbed was that Boyce had larded the treasury with political appointees. Mandel vowed that he, in contrast, would staff the treasury with “qualified financial professionals — rather than political cronies and friends”.

That, it turns out, was codswallop, the Dayton Daily News recently demonstrated, after looking over Mandel’s treasury hires.

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