Numerous Fact-Checkers Blast Josh Mandel’s Latest Ad As “Bogus,” “Pants On Fire,” “Extremely Misleading”


Numerous Fact-Checkers Blast Josh Mandel’s Latest Ad As “Bogus,” “Pants On Fire,” “Extremely Misleading”

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Refusing to come clean with Ohioans over when he first learned of the FBI investigation that shamed him into returning $105k in shady campaign cash, Josh Mandel recently launched a new attack ad attempting to change the subject away from his latest scandal.

But Mandel’s new ad was consistent with his candidacy–it can’t be trusted. In case you missed any of the numerous fact checks that looked into Mandel’s latest ad full of lies, here’s a quick roundup of the pieces that found his ad to be “deceptive,” “bogus,” “phony,” “extremely misleading,” “using other highly selective facts,” and just flat out “false.” “Mandel’s Deceptive Defense Against Sen. Brown” “Bogus” “Phony” “Overblown”

PolitiFact Ohio: “Mandel’s ad repeats a claim that has been reviewed numerous times by PolitiFact and rated False or Pants on Fire.”

Columbus Dispatch: “The commercial is extremely misleading – omitting key facts and using other highly selective facts…”

WKYC: The ad “omits significant facts, and overstates many of its conclusions.”

“Josh Mandel broke his promise to hire qualified professionals, he’s stonewalling on questions about the FBI investigation of his donors, and his latest ad is nothing more than a series of lies strung together by someone who already has a reputation for proudly repeating previously disproven falsehoods,” said Sadie Weiner, spokesperson for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “At the end of the day, Josh Mandel’s latest ad is another example of why he’s just another politician who can’t be trusted.”


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