Sherrod Brown Campaign Launches “Students for Sherrod”


Sherrod Brown Campaign Launches “Students for Sherrod”

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Today, Sherrod Brown’s campaign launched “Students for Sherrod,” a group of students supporting U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown’s re-election due to his strong record of fighting for Ohio’s students. The group will be led by Daniel Rajaiah, a University of Dayton student and President of the College Democrats of Ohio, and Bryan Staul, a Kent State University student and President of Kent State College Democrats. The group will continue building grassroots support for Sherrod, advise the campaign on students issues, and speak to students across the state about Sherrod’s work to improve education for Ohioans of all ages.

“Sherrod Brown is a champion for Ohio’s students, and as Ohio student leaders, we are ready to fight for him just like he has fought for us in the Senate,” said Rajaiah and Staul. “Sherrod’s work to improve education is critical for all Ohio students, from the youngest schoolchildren who stand to benefit from Sherrod’s legislation to update and improve their classrooms to the university and community college students who need him to continue advocating for affordable student loans. We are proud to have Sherrod represent us, and we will do everything we can to ensure he can continue working on our behalf.”

“The most important investment we can make is in our children’s future, and we must create the opportunities and environment that will give them the best chance to prosper and succeed,” said Sherrod. “I am honored to have the support of these two students and campus leaders, as well as many others, who are ready to stand with me and fight for students across Ohio. A good education shouldn’t be out of reach for our students or our veterans, and whether it’s better classrooms in our elementary schools or more affordable student loans that make higher education a reality regardless of income status, I’ll never stop working for Ohio’s students.”

Sherrod Brown is fighting every day to ensure that a quality affordable education is available to Ohio’s students. As Senator, Sherrod Brown voted for the largest increase in federal aid since the G.I. Bill, as well as the Post-9/11 GI Bill to greatly expand educational opportunities for post-9/11 veterans in Ohio. Sen. Brown has introduced legislation to provide student loan relief to 100,000 Ohioans and fought against cuts to Pell grants for higher education. Sen. Brown also proposed legislation that would create thousands of Ohio jobs by funding renovations and improvements for Ohio schools, and has supported legislation to save teacher jobs across the state. It’s clear that when it comes to Ohio’s students, there’s no greater champion in Congress than Sherrod Brown.

The launch of “Students for Sherrod” will be accompanied by a new Facebook page and a section of the web site to keep students up-to-date on campaign issues and news. Ohio students can join the Facebook page by clicking HERE.

For more about Sherrod’s record of advocating for Ohio’s students, please click HERE.



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