Will Mandel Refuse To Support Paycheck Fairness Act And Continue His Pattern Of Stonewalling On Active Legislation?


Will Mandel Refuse To Support Paycheck Fairness Act And Continue His Pattern Of Stonewalling On Active Legislation?

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Tomorrow, the Senate will vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill that Sherrod Brown has cosponsored to close the wage gap between men and women that exists because, on average, women still get paid less than their male counterparts.

According to the U.S. Census, in Ohio there are over 900,000 households that rely partially or wholly on the mother’s earnings. Will absentee Treasurer Josh Mandel let Ohio voters know where he stands on this bill that is so important for middle class families or will he continue his pattern of stonewalling on the most important bills before the Senate?

In the past, Mandel has opposed bills without even knowing what’s in them. If Mandel needs to read up on this bill, he can surely get some information while he is in DC today raising cash from Beltway insiders. And just in case that doesn’t work, here is a helpful link to the bill.

“Between hiring cronies in the Treasurer’s office to skipping every Board of Deposit meeting during his first year in office to refusing to say where he stands on active legislation, Josh Mandel is another political who simply can’t be trusted,” said Sadie Weiner, spokesperson for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “You might be able to get a job in the Treasurer’s office without a resume or qualifications, but if Josh Mandel is seriously asking the people of Ohio for a new job, he needs to come clean about his numerous anti-middle class positions.”


Hard To Predict What Kind Of Senator Mandel Would Be Given That “His Spokesman Has Publicly Discouraged Reporters From Asking For Mandel’s Thoughts On Active Legislation.”  In a January 2012 article The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote: “Predicting what kind of senator he would be is made tougher by the fact that his spokesman has publicly discouraged reporters from asking for Mandel’s thoughts on active legislation. Mandel, the spokesman said, will not ‘pretend like he’s there and voting on every bill.’”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 01/30/12]

When Asked About This Stealth Approach, “Mandel Fumbled For An Answer.” In January 2012 The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that “Asked in a recent interview about this stealth approach, Mandel fumbled for an answer.  ‘Certain issues that are brought up in Washington . . . if I choose to have my own plan and present my own plan later in the year, I would rather choose my own plan than have to pretend that I’m one of these politicians in Washington on some, on a bad plan,’ Mandel said.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 01/30/12; ellipses original]

Mandel Feels “No Obligation To Share His Views” On Important Legislation. In an April 2012 Op-Ed published in The Akron Beacon Journal, editorial writer Steve Hoffman wrote “Earlier in the campaign, the Marine Corps veteran’s spokesman said that Mandel felt no obligation to share his views of legislation before the U.S. Senate for sanctions on China for manipulating its currency.”  [Akron Beacon Journal, Op-Ed, 04/18/12]

Mandel Refused To Take A Stand On Sen. Brown’s China Currency Legislation.  In March 2012, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported “Mandel previously refused to take a position on a foreign trade bill promoted by Brown and supported by small Ohio manufacturers as well as Sen. Rob Portman, an Ohio Republican and former White House trade ambassador. Brown’s bill would authorize economic sanctions against China if authorities found China manipulated its currency, providing its exports with an unfair pricing advantage. Some conservatives say punitive tariffs might start a trade war. On Thursday, Mandel did not say whether he supports the bill but said, ‘I think we need to approach China in a much more aggressive way. I think currency manipulation is an issue we definitely need to be discussing.’”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 03/01/12]

“Nowhere Did The Spokesman Provide The Slightest Clue As To Where Mandel Stood On An Issue That Has A Lot Of Traction In Ohio.” In October 2011, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported “After the Senate approved Sen. Sherrod Brown’s bill aimed at punishing China for its export policy to the United States, a reporter asked Brown’s likely opponent, Republican Josh Mandel, how he would have voted on the bill. A Mandel spokesman answered this way: ‘Try as he might, it’s too late for Sherrod Brown to hide from his record of outsourcing Ohio jobs to countries like China. During Sherrod Brown’s past decade as a D.C. politician, one out of every four jobs that has left America left from Ohio.’ There was a bit more, but you get the idea. Nowhere did the spokesman provide the slightest clue as to where Mandel stood on an issue that has a lot of traction in Ohio.” [Jack Torry, Columbus Dispatch, 10/25/11]

Headline: “Josh Mandel’s Press Secretary Refuses To Offer Specifics On Candidates’ Position On Senate Bills” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 4/28/12]

  • ·           Mandel Refused To Support Bill By Senator Brown To Keep Interest Rates From Doubling.  In April 2012, The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote “Mandel’s position? It appears that Mandel would support keeping student loan rates low if there is another way to pay.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 4/28/12]

Toledo Blade Editorial:  Mandel Needs To Be “More Forthcoming With Voters.”  In a May 2012 editorial, The Toledo Blade opined “None of Mr. Mandel’s self-inflicted political wounds appears fatal, yet. But he needs to stop the bleeding and to be more forthcoming with voters. And he needs to be seen doing the job he was elected to do, rather than constantly reaching for the next star on the political horizon.”  [Toledo Blade, editorial, 5/31/12]


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