Nothing but gratitude


Nothing but gratitude

This isn’t a message asking for money, a signature, or anything else from you.

This message has one purpose, and one purpose only: To say thank you.

July was our biggest month yet. We reached our $650,000 goal — with an average online contribution of just $26.

I am truly honored by the awe-inspiring commitment you continue to show to this campaign. With less than 100 days until Election Day, Team Sherrod is full-speed ahead. Here are a few highlights of what we’ve been up to:

We launched Veterans and Military Families for Sherrod. I will never stop working to make sure we give Ohio servicemembers and their loved ones the support they deserve.

We fought for workers and fair wages. Americans deserve better than outsourcing, low wages, and poor working conditions. That’s why I’m fighting like hell every day in the Senate, and why I need you to join me.

We fought for affordable, accessible healthcare at a series of events holding my opponent, Congressman Jim Renacci, accountable for his dangerous healthcare record.

Our grassroots team hit 100,000 contributions. And, Colleen, a grassroots supporter from Cleveland, chipped in $10 and won a chance to see Hamilton with me. (Of course, Hamilton was spectacular!)

We settled the great debate: Yes, a hot dog is a sandwich.

We have less than 100 days left until Ohioans go to the polls on Election Day. And as long as we keep up this level of grassroots activism, I know we will come out ahead — no matter what attacks come our way.

There is plenty of work left to do. But for today, let’s take just a moment to celebrate our achievements. We couldn’t do this without you.

With gratitude,


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