The truth about transparency

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Yesterday in Circleville, Josh Mandel was asked to comment on transparency in political donations. Mandel said, “I strongly believe in transparency. I think it’s an important component to our country and our political system.” This from the same man who has spent his entire campaign ducking and dodging any question from the press he doesn’t feel like answering.

It’s happening right now in Ohio: Workers’ rights are on the table. But it won’t stop here. Corporate-backed Republicans want to bring their extreme agenda to every state in the union. And the outcome of this fight is going to matter to workers and their families across the country.

Gas didn’t always cost more than four bucks a gallon.

But as gas prices have gone up, Ohio families have found ways to tighten their belts.

It’s a different story for the big oil companies. Our pain is their gain. They’re posting record profits — over $30 billion in the first quarter of this year alone — one four-dollar gallon at a time. After all, no matter how much we conserve, we still have to get to work and pick the kids up at school.

Dear Friend,

We did it.

We set a goal to raise $25,000 by January 31st to prepare to fight back when Karl Rove and his corporate allies come into Ohio with their endless campaign cash through the door Citizens United opened.

Dear Friend,

Last week was the first birthday of Citizens United. The Supreme Court’s ruling has ushered in a new kind of politics: the politics of undisclosed corporate money. For the past year we’ve watched Karl Rove and his shady GOP corporate allies exploit this ruling, spending record amounts of cash on endless attack ads demonizing our Democratic candidates. Unfortunately, too many of them were taken by surprise when the barrage of vicious smears began — and never were able to regain their advantage.

But there’s a big difference between this year and last year: this year, we’re going to be prepared.