Four takeaways from our Instagram Q + A with Sherrod

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Yesterday, Sherrod took the time to answer a few questions on Instagram. Here’s what we learned: — 1. Sherrod’s favorite snacks on the campaign trail are sourdough pretzels and apples. And Zach, who travels with Sherrod, makes a great trail mix, too. 2. Franklin’s celebrity status might be starting to go to his head. According […]

Last night’s debate was a powerful reminder of the stakes in this election. While I’m fighting for hardworking Ohioans, my opponent, multi-millionaire Congressman Jim Renacci, is only looking out for himself, the Trump White House, and the special interests. The contrast in this race couldn’t be clearer. So I’m personally asking: Can you pitch in $5, […]

Tonight, Sherrod took the stage for the first debate of the Ohio Senate race, facing off with his opponent, multi-millionaire Congressman Jim Renacci. Here were the main takeaways from the night—as told in tweets: Even before the debate began, supporters were excited to hear from Sherrod. We’re on #TeamSherrod tonight. Retweet if you are, too. […]

Every day, I wear a pin of a yellow canary perched in a cage on my lapel. Years ago, at a Workers’ Memorial Day rally in Lorain, Ohio, a steelworker from Local 114 gave me that pin. Miners would bring canaries into the mines with them to check for the presence of dangerous levels of gas. If the canary died, the miners knew to […]

Elections have consequences. Elections dictate our country’s values and priorities. We’re witnessing it right now in Washington. With 32 days to go, we are in the final stretch of the midterm election. Sherrod’s opponent wants to prove that Ohio is a “Trump State.” The results of Sherrod’s election may come down to the difference of […]

Before passing their tax scam, GOP leaders promised that workers would reap the benefits. But new data shows that most CEOs aren’t raising their employees’ salaries. Instead, shareholders are the ones seeing profits. We should all be frustrated that the tax scam has only made inequality worse. If you agree, show your support for Sherrod, […]

Sherrod looks out for hardworking Ohioans every single day. Here are just a few times he’s gone the extra mile to make sure all those he represents are valued and heard: — 1. “Constant calls, handwritten notes keep Democrat Sherrod Brown in touch with Ohioans” “Sherrod Brown likes to make phone calls and scribble notes. […]

Team — All I can say right now is wow. Thanks to you, we hit our goal and raised more than $1 million online from 46,392 individuals, one $26 contribution at a time. We couldn’t have reached this milestone without your hard work. Your support will go a long way: The money we raised will […]