CNN Money: 10 years after the financial crisis, have we learned anything?

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10 years ago this week, Lehman Brothers filed for the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history. For families in Ohio—and across the country—the economic crisis that followed had major consequences: Some struggled to send their kids to college, others lost their homes and cars, and many watched the savings they’d spent decades putting away disappear. But […]

“Can you comment on your personal opinion on whether Obergefell was correctly decided? It’s a yes or no.” —Sen. Kamala Harris, SCOTUS confirmation hearing, 9/6/18 If you’ve been paying attention to the Supreme Court hearings, you know that Senator Kamala Harris isn’t afraid to ask Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, the tough questions. It’s one of the reasons I admire Kamala so much, and […]

“Give it up for your outstanding Senator, my former colleague Sherrod Brown. Love Sherrod Brown.” – President Barack Obama in Cleveland, last night Last night, I took the stage in Cleveland with President Barack Obama and Ohio’s next Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Rich Cordray and Betty Sutton. I’m thrilled to be a part of the […]

This week on Hardball, Sherrod had an important message: Whether you punch a clock, work in a diner, are a salaried office worker, or you work in a hospital—Ohioans know I'm on their side and that they can count on me to fight for them. I always have, and always will. — Sherrod Brown […]

It’s easy to talk about healthcare in terms of percentages and statistics. But those numbers represent real-life consequences for people across the country, including those with pre-existing conditions, those fighting cancer, and those with chronically ill family members. Having reliable healthcare can make a huge difference in people’s lives—which is why it’s such a shame […]

Right now, voting in this country can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be. As Sherrod puts it, we need to be making it easier—not harder—for Americans to make their voices heard. Read more about the current barriers too many people face in casting their votes, and then show your support for Sherrod, who […]

Money in politics shouldn’t be unlimited or untraceable. But Citizens United has made that the reality: People like the Koch brothers can pour massive amounts of money into our elections while subject to little oversight. When it comes to who is influencing politics, Americans shouldn’t be left in the dark. That’s why Sherrod fights for […]