FACT CHECK: Sherrod Brown Did Pay His Campaign’s Unemployment Taxes, Josh Is The One With A Tax Problem

Debate Press Release

JOSH CLAIMS: He Believes Transparency Is Important. THE TRUTH:  As Treasurer, Josh Mandel has consistently refused to comply with basic public records requests 1. It took nine public records requests over a year for Josh Mandel’s office to respond in full to resumes for his office hires. [TOS Response to Records Request, 6/15/12] 2. Part of […]

JOSH CLAIMS: Sherrod took a $2,500 contribution from a Solyndra board member and paved the way for it to receive tax dollars despite warnings that it was about to default.

THE TRUTH: Sherrod had nothing to do with Solyndra’s operations or loans and did not contribute in any way whatsoever to its bankruptcy.

JOSH CLAIMS: Unemployment has increased since Sherrod Brown joined the Senate.

THE TRUTH: Sherrod Brown has led the fight to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States – reversing more than a decade of manufacturing job loss, fought for the auto rescue, and helped foster 31 months of consecutive private sector job creation.