CBS News: Few companies using tax cuts for pay hikes


Before passing their tax scam, GOP leaders promised that workers would reap the benefits. But new data shows that most CEOs aren’t raising their employees’ salaries. Instead, shareholders are the ones seeing profits. We should all be frustrated that the tax scam has only made inequality worse. If you agree, show your support for Sherrod, […]

In an economy that works for everyone, working Americans should be able to afford housing at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, that’s not possible in many cities across the country. As housing prices rise and wages largely do not, many families are struggling to buy or rent homes at a cost they can afford. Sherrod knows […]

If you’re still unsure who the GOP’s tax scam was always meant to help, look no further than Wells Fargo. The banking giant is raking in profits. CEO Tim Sloan got a $4.6 million raise in March. But now Wells Fargo is about to downsize its workforce by 5-10%, putting tens of thousands of people […]

A little over 9 months ago, the GOP handed a massive tax cut to the wealthiest 1%. And while Wall Street, CEOs, and banks are reaping the profits of that tax cut, nearly a third of U.S. households have struggled to pay their energy bills. Every day in the Senate, Sherrod fights for a more […]

Medicaid expansion is working. We’ve seen that here in Ohio: Before the Affordable Care Act, one in three people in or near poverty were uninsured. After the law passed, that’s dropped to one in eight. Recent reports show that states that expanded Medicaid cover more people, with more stability. But as this administration continues to […]

10 years ago this week, Lehman Brothers filed for the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history. For families in Ohio—and across the country—the economic crisis that followed had major consequences: Some struggled to send their kids to college, others lost their homes and cars, and many watched the savings they’d spent decades putting away disappear. But […]

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