NPR: For Older Voters, Getting The Right ID Can Be Especially Tough


Right now, voting in this country can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be. As Sherrod puts it, we need to be making it easier—not harder—for Americans to make their voices heard. Read more about the current barriers too many people face in casting their votes, and then show your support for Sherrod, who […]

The average CEO in Ohio earns 200 times what the average worker makes. That’s more than just a disturbing number: It’s a reminder of the fact that families across the state—and nationwide—are struggling to put food on the table, to afford critical medical care, or to pay rent … while CEOs rake in millions. We […]

The American Dream should be more than just that: a dream. But under Republican leadership, it’s getting even tougher for Americans to claim that anyone who works hard will have a fair shot to get ahead.At least that’s what this recent report demonstrates: CEO pay is on the rise while employees’ wages are not. Chief […]

This administration has spent much of their tenure actively making life more difficult for working families: limiting workers’ rights, sabotaging the Affordable Care Act, proposing raising rent for struggling Americans, giving a massive tax cut to the wealthy at the expense of everyone else … the list goes on and on. And now, they’re claiming […]

Six months ago, Republicans rushed through their tax scam, which the Trump administration repeatedly said would help hardworking Americans get ahead—creating more jobs and providing higher wages. But in the last six months, reports have contradicted those claims. As it turns out, the tax bill hasn’t led to any change in average hourly earnings, and […]

A report out this week shows that four in ten Americans couldn’t afford to pay an unexpected $400 expense. It’s emblematic of a larger issue: Too many people, in Ohio and beyond, are going into debt paying for healthcare, or are seeing their pensions slashed because of Wall Street’s greed. Just this week, Congress passed […]