Cincinnati Enquirer: Sherrod Brown Op-Ed: Tax cuts should go to workers, companies that create jobs in U.S.


Families across Ohio—and nationwide—suffered the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis. Some lost jobs, their homes, and the savings they’d put aside for their children’s educations. Total, research shows the recession cost the average American $70,000 in lifetime income. This is exactly why we can’t afford to forget what led to the crisis: corporate greed. […]

President Trump has repeatedly claimed that the economy may be the “greatest” it’s ever been. Unfortunately, that’s not just not true—especially if you’re an hourly worker. Data out this month shows that while unemployment has fallen, wages for many workers haven’t risen. That’s at least partially because of limits on bargaining power, and probably also […]

President Trump Talks ‘America First,’ But Sherrod Brown Wears It — Time; 7/11/2018 I buy my suits from the union factory ten minutes from my house, in Cleveland. My family drives cars made here in Ohio. Even the canary pin I wear on my lapel was made in the Buckeye state. When I talk about supporting […]

Some—like members of this administration—may claim that the American economy is stronger than ever, but too many of our friends, family members, and neighbors aren’t seeing those benefits. Instead, as the wealthy continue to rake in profits from the tax scam the GOP passed late last year, Americans in “production and non-supervisory” positions are actually […]

Six months ago, Republicans rushed through their tax scam, which the Trump administration repeatedly said would help hardworking Americans get ahead—creating more jobs and providing higher wages. But in the last six months, reports have contradicted those claims. As it turns out, the tax bill hasn’t led to any change in average hourly earnings, and […]

Yesterday, multiple news outlets released devastating numbers for those working jobs with hourly wages in Ohio. A study out yesterday morning demonstrates that inflation-adjusted hourly wages haven’t changed in the past year. And a report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition and the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio shows that of the […]

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